5 Tips To Remember Dance Patterns And Moves From Class

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How can I remember moves that I learned in dance class? 

In our second episode of the new podcast  “On the Dance Floor”, Brian B. from West Coast Swing Online gives us 5 tips on how to do exactly that.

Even advanced dancers have trouble remembering moves they just learned in the previous lesson. After all, we are not machines, nor do we remember everything that happens. However, by applying some of these tricks into our learning, we will help our brains store more information in our long-term memories,and recall it while we are dancing.

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See you on the dance floor!

Links to videos and articles referenced on this episode:

"Nulu Open" – A country/swing dance event in Louisville, KY with workshops, socials, competitions and more....

"5 Tips to Remember your Patterns" – The blog article that inspired this episode. Written by Brian B on how to effectively remember dance patterns.

Brian B's e-mail: Brian@westcoastswingonline.com

Roberto's e-mail: thedanceviewer@gmail.com

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  • Jonathan Llewellyn says:

    This was a great conversation to listen to! If it helps, in the salsa showdance world, a “trick,” defined on some competition rule definitions, is “as any movement that requires the support of the other partner to maintain. This is regardless of whether the feet remain on the floor or not.”
    Keep up the great content!

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