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Rachel Cassandra is a teacher and dancer originally from Port Jefferson, New York. Her true loves are dancing, teaching, and travel – and she’s pursued these extensively since she started dancing in 2005. She has a varied dance background and extensive teaching expertise. See for yourself on her YouTube channel!

Rachel has taught in cities around Europe and across the United States. While she periodically bases herself in one city for a time (most recently New York City, London, and Dublin), she is more often living the nomadic teaching lifestyle. Rachel finds particular joy in helping new scenes improve, which has inspired her latest teaching tour. Although she’s not currently running any weekly classes, you can contact her about workshop possibilities.

Kizomba is Rachel’s primary dance. She also provides instruction in semba and has been known to give tips on social tarraxinha.

While she loves following, Rachel is an advocate of gender equality in kizomba. Not only does she teach leaders’ steps and technique, she also leads on the social floor. She encourages everyone to try styling classes and loves to see people exploring both sides of her favorite dance.

In addition, you’ll still find Rachel out doing lindy and blues, and she’s determined to learn West Coast Swing and Zouk-Lambada eventually.

519 8th Avenue, New York, NY, United States

Providing quality progressive Salsa On2 dance instruction for everyone for free.

83 Franklin St, Jersey City, New Jersey 07307
Kapelvej 44, 2200 Copenhagen, Denmark
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