SDQS – Do you like to dance Merengue?

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Latin dance instructor Edwin Ferreras contributed an article on merengue music entitled, “Merengue 101: A Brief Overview of the National Music of the Dominican Republic”.

We thought we’d take a poll and see what your thoughts are on merengue dance. Many socials (particularly those with “Latin/Tropical” night themes) play merengue and its a way for people unfamiliar with latin dance to get into the action because of its relatively simple basic step.  We also know there are serious merengueros (I might have just made that word up, but anyway…) out there who love merengue music and dance as much as salseros and bachateros, respectively.

Let us know your thoughts by casting your opinion below! Check out the fun merengue tune by Tatico Henriquez as well!

Typically, do you like to dance merengue?

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