February Was A Great Month For Salsa!

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For being the shortest month of the year, February 2018 was certainly a great month for music! Our desk received plenty of hot singles, as well as complete albums filled with songs that we are certain you’ll love to dance to, created by musicians living all over the world. We excitedly share the following, and fantastic, music list. It has lots of Salsa songs, accompanied by a few other rhythms. Enjoy!


Tony Succar feat. Jean Rodriguez – “Me Enamoro Mas De Ti”

We are totally loving Tony Succar’s latest single, “Me Enamoro Mas De Ti” [Falling Deeper in Love with You], in the voice of Jean Rodriguez. This is a fun Salsa with a tinge of Pop, with a great video that features dancers enjoying themselves outdoors at a gorgeous beach (we’re guessing Miami), as well as inside Ball and Chain, a Miami Latin dance club. The song has a fresh sound, it’s energetic, and we think you’re going to love dancing to it. You can purchase it at Amazon.com.

La Pachamambo – AGUZATE

This is a fun, most danceable collection of refreshed classic Salsa songs, which is the debut of New York based band La Pachamambo, directed by pianist and arranger Kate Dunphy. What we found most exciting is Mexican singer Cristina Kaminis’s voice handling some songs that are most often performed by male singers. We’re talking about tunes like “Pedro Navaja,” “El Preso,” and “Que Bueno Baila Usted.” She also sings Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good,” which is here turned into a guajira/cha-cha, and that is one of our favorite tracks. Along with Kamini, Dominican singer Jose Candelaria is part of this album. Together they deliver a great version of the song “Aguzate,” which gave the release its title. You can stream this work on Spotify and purchase the songs on CBBaby.

Baila An Salsa – ERIU

We dig fusions. We like the sounds that come from combining rhythms and cultures. ERIU is the new release of Irish band Baile An Salsa, with Costa Rican Walter Flores (of Son de Tikizia) as musical producer. This band is composed by musicians from seven different countries that infuse traditional Irish sounds and instruments into Latin rhythms. In their songs you’ll hear the fiddle, accordion, Irish pipes, banjo, an Irish drum called the Bodrhan, as well as Irish flutes. ERIU delivers 11 original songs. Our favorite is the one that we believe you’ll enjoy most on the dance floor: “Ya No Mires Pa’tras” [Stop Looking Behind You], but we’re sure you’ll also enjoy the mambo entitled “Long Way Home” (in which you hear the clave clear as water), “La Cumbia de Gerardo,” and a couple of merengue inspired songs entitled “Marry Me” and “Conmigo Te Llevare.” You can stream this great album on Spotify and purchase its songs on CDBaby.


Colombian pianist and arranger Julio Cortes presents GOLPE CONTUNDENTE [FINAL BLOW] (which explains the album cover, we hope). This is an album with nine tracks – four originals by Cortes and five new arrangements of classic songs. If you like the sound of the vibes you’re going to love this work, which includes a couple of cha-chas, a gorgeous bolero (“Que Bonito Es”), and a song entitled “Traigo Salsa” that we are sure is going to be a hit for your dancing feet. You can listen to the album and purchase it on Amazon.com.

Adonis Puentes & The Voice of Cuba Orchestra – DICEN

DICEN [THEY SAY] is Cuban (by way of Canada) Adonis Puentes’ latest album. It was released towards the end of 2017 and we finally found it on Apple Music, where you can listen and purchase your favorites. This is Puentes’ fourth release, for which he used the talents of Spanish Harlem Orchestra’s Oscar Hernandez as arranger and producer. There are several Los Angeles musicians included in this effort, including bass player Rene Camacho, percussionist Joey De Leon, and saxophone player Justo Almario. All songs are Puentes’ originals. We think that “A Veces Me Reclamas” [Sometimes You Complain] and flamenco-tinged “Bendecido por Dios” [Blessed by God] (our favorite) are going to be fantastic on the dance floor.

Boni & Kelly, feat. Victor Manuelle – “Amigos con Derecho”

Boni & Kelly are Cuban musicians who have been creating music since 2005. Both of them have a solid music background, with Boni having performed with Cuba’s La Charanga Habanera, and Kelly doing the same with La Orquesta El Clan. They just released the single “Amigos con Derecho” [Friends with Benefits] in collaboration with Puerto Rican Salsa star Victor Manuelle. There are two versions of the song – Tropical and Salsa – the latter being our favorite. Both versions come accompanied by a video that was recorded in Cap Cana, Dominican Republic, and its gorgeous views. Click here to see the Salsa version of the song, and here for the tropical version. You can buy the song on iTunes.

Milton y su Orquesta – “Tumba, Quinto, y Bongo”

“Tumba, Quinto, y Bongo” is a taste of what Milton y su Orquesta is working on. Milton, who used to be a singer for Venezuelan Salsa band Orquesta Bronko, has released the song to leave us in expectation of an album entitled GUAGUANKISA PA’L BARRIO, which is currently in progress in Cali, Colombia. Enjoy “Tumba, Quinto, y Bongo” here.

Jaime Andres – “Encadenados”

We have a soft spot for Salsa that brings a bit of the old days to mind. That’s what Jaime Andres’ “Encadenados” [Chained] does, by putting a Salsa rhythm to the Braulio song that many of us grew up singing along to. “Por eso no habra nunca despedidas, ni paz alguna habra de consolarnos…” remember that? So awesome! And now ready to be danced to. The arrangement was done by Colombian Froyber Maya and it includes the participation of Cuban singer Jose “Pepito” Gomez. You can listen and purchase on CDBaby.com.

DJ Lukas El Taz – “Salsa Tragica”

Last October we introduced you to Canadian DJ and producer Lukas El Taz and his track “Salsa in Crescendo.” Now, it’s time for you to enjoy his latest work, entitled “Salsa Tragica.” It’s a mix of sounds, a bit like classical, a bit middle easterner, and definitely one that will make you move. Check it out here.


Brenda Navarrete – MI MUNDO

Here’s a fantastic release from Cuban-based artist Brenda Navarrete. She graduated in 2009 from Cuba’s prestigious Amadeo Roldan Music Conservatory, earning accreditations as an instrumentalist, ensemble and percussion instructor. In 2010 she won a national Cuban competition called Fiesta del Tambor, winning first prize in the category of Bata drums and for best interpretation by a female artist. MI MUNDO [My World] is her first release with Toronto based company Alma Records. The album was recorded in Cuba with an all star cast of Cuban musicians. Every song is a work of art, but we suspect that you’ll want to try “Rumbero Como Yo,” “Taita Bilongo” (penned by Alain Perez), and “Cachita” on the dance floor. Listen to all the songs and purchase your favorites here.


Erick Lexi – “Donde Tu Quieres”

Erick Lexi is a Cuban born artist, now in Miami, who is introducing himself to the international market with the song “Donde Tu Quieres” [Wherever You Want], an Urban/Pop fusion that is fresh and catchy. Erick is a nice looking young man who had a bit of a hard time before arriving to Miami. From Cuba, where he studied percussion, guitar, piano, and voice at the Eduardo Garcia Delgado Academy, he immigrated to Ecuador at 18 years of age. There, he had to work in various things to survive until a lucky day when he was hired as a model for TV commercials. Still, he had music on his mind, and that took him on an unsuccessful adventure to Colombia, from which he was sent back to Ecuador due to lack of papers. The noise about his deportation got to Telemundo, which ended up inviting him to participate in the Festival de la Calle 8 in Miami. To make a long story short, Erick decided to stay in Miami, from where he now offers this song to you. Listen to it here and keep an eye on this artist on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

Sammi Sanchez – “Pum Pum”

Remember El General singing his “Tu Pun Pun” in the 90s? Well, here’s “Pum Pum,” a modern version of the song in the voice of Mexican-American singer Sammi Sanchez and featuring Colombian reggaetonero Reykon. The video was recorded in Los Angeles, and as it was with the original, it is impossible not to move while listening to this song. You can also download it from Amazon.com.


How about the wealth of music that February brought about! We are lucky people to be entertained by so many talented artists. Remember to support by purchasing the music that you love. We’ll be back at the end of March with whatever the next thirty musical days bring along. Meanwhile, keep on burning those shoes on the dance floor!

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