Interview with Anthony Kumo Tineo – Dolce Vita Dance Company

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This week on the show we had Anthony Kumo Tineo from Dolce Vita Dance Company in on the show. Starting at the age of 14, Kumo has honed and continues to perfect his dance skills. What started as a social pastime has exploded into an ever growing passion for the art of the Latin dance and quest for knowledge in body movement, teaching techniques and performance showmanship.

I first met Kumo in 2009 at Flava Invasion and was amazed by his spinning technique. During the interview, we talk about his early days as a salsero, his experience competing and also about salsa technique and etiquette.

I definitely came away from this interview with a lot of knowledge, specifically I have a new training regimen for practicing my spin technique.

So take a look at the click and then click play and listen to the podcast!


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