Interview with Daybert Linares of SDC and Son y Casino

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Daybert Linares Diaz 2Daybert Linares Diaz is a contributor to LDC and recently published a post entitled “CUBAN MUSIC: TO BE OR NOT TO BE PLAYED FOR SALSA DANCERS?“. Today on the podcast, we are speaking with Daybert about this post and elaborating on the current lack of Cuban music in the salsa scene and why this music should be reintroduced at socials and congresses.

Daybert is a Ph.D. student of contemporary Latin American Literature with a focus on the Caribbean at the University of Maryland, College Park. Born and raised in Cuba, Daybert has taught Cuban dance in the United States for over five years now, having held workshops in cities such as Atlanta, Boston, Baltimore, New York, and Washington, D.C. He is also the editor of “Son y Casino,” the only blog dedicated to both the Cuban dance of casino and son music, which he updates regularly with informative pieces which deal with this small part of Cuban culture.

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