Interview with Fuquan Ferrell and Candace Joyner – Fuego Y Hielo Dance Company

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Fuquan and Candace run Fuego y Hielo Dance Company in Atlanta, Georgia and are fusion artists having trained in a variety of dance styles. But their real dance love is for the mambo, salsa and cha cha. You can check out one of their cha cha freestyles in the clip below.

The first part of the podcast interview revolves around salsa music, specifically the difference between commercial and artsy approaches to music. From there, we talk about dancing the cha cha, musicality, spinning technique (hint: squeeze your legs together), dance etiquette and much more!

This is a tactical episode chock full of highly actionable advice that you can incorporate into your dancing today. So check out the video click then click play on the podcast below to hear the interview!

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