Interview with Jose Botta of Jose Botta Dance Shoes

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This week on the show, our guest is Jose Botta of Jose is originally from Lima, Peru and came to the states more than 20 years ago. During those years, he got involved with the salsa community and got hooked. After several years of dancing in Washington, D.C. and trying all of the dance shoes on the market, he realized there were no options for a more versatile men’s dance shoe that could be worn on any surface and not ruined by weather. JB dance shoes were born as a comfortable, durable, stylish, lightweight and multi-surface option for men.

One of the most important decisions that we as dancers make is what shoes to dance with. Jose is an expert on men’s dance shoes and our conversation revolves around what makes a great shoe and what factors to consider before putting down your hard earned cash on a new pair of kicks. What color should they be? What kind of soles are ideal for how you plan to dance? Are there other options besides just suede soles? All of these questions and more are answered as part of today’s show.

Beyond dance shoes, Jose is passionate about salsa. We talk about the salsa community as a whole, where it’s headed and some of our favorite experiences.

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