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Post Views 143 is the new way to find your next dance fix wherever you are in the world. With an updated list of socials, schools, workshops and festivals in hundreds of cities it’s the most convenient way to keep in the loop with all the dancing around you.

So what is Latin Dance Calendar?

latin-dance-calendarLatin Dance Calendar is a place to find all the latest dance social events, classes, workshops, festivals and info in hundreds of cities around the globe. We started with the world’s largest cities but have now expanded to locations all over the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Europe and Asia. There are now thousands of dancers using the platform to keep up to date with all the dance info near them.


The goal is to build the perfect companion for every Latin Dancer worldwide and be the ultimate place to find and share dance info from first time beginners through to dance pros.

How does it work?

We have kept it simple. All the info is split between locations so you see only the info around you. We provide ways to filter all the content so you can view just the region or city you’re interested in.

One of the most popular features is our email newsletter. We deliver all the latest dance info, offers and competitions in and around your city to your inbox every week.

For those with Android we have an app to make it easier to keep you up to date with the latest dance socials.

Who can share info?

We encourage everyone on the platform to share dance info and we have made it super simple. Dancers can share their favorite socials, schools can list their classes and organizers can promote their events. Adding content can be as easy as submitting the Facebook event URL or using our Facebook event bookmarklet. If we don’t have a location just submit some content and we would love to add it.

What’s next?

We have a lot more in store for the future of Here’s a sneak peak at some of the features we’re currently planning:

  • A shop to get the best dance gear
  • More festival discounts and promotions
  • An iPhone app
  • A festival app
  • More events and classes in more cities
  • Online bookings
  • Better customization for the newsletters
  • Lots more

Come to the site and explore your city and never miss another opportunity to dance.

Remember to share this with anyone you think would love what we do and help us share the dance love.

Thanks, Scott @ LatinDanceCalendar.Com



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