LDC Music #1 – MDK Collective

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LDC’s first music feature is from a group based in the UK named MDK Collective.  They sent LDC their new Kizomba track entitled, “Dreaming No More”.  Listen to the track below and tell us what you think! If you like it, pass it on to others (or your local favorite DJ’s) and help get the song played in your community.

MDK collective consists of Miggy Dela Rosa, Daniel Cerca Santos and Kai.  They have been working together for the last three years producing and writing music and experimenting with different styles.  Daniel and Miggy have grown up listening to Kizomba music and their passion for this music led them to produce this Kizomba track with its fusion of London and traditional Kizomba sounds. They are looking for your interest to support this track and welcome any feedback you may have.
You can contact MDK at kaiofficial@live.com.


What is your opinion of the song "Dreaming No More" by MDK?


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