LDC Podcast #14 – Bachata is Big…Porque?!

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We’re back!!!! On today’s show, we cover all the new awesomeness happening on LDC including the following great reads:

But wait, there’s more…did you know we have an event calendar? That’s right, all the latin dance events coming up around the globe for you to check out. I go through some of my favorite June events (and wish I could fly like superman to all of them).

And for my random thought of the day, I talk out loud about bachata. A recent visit to Puerto Rico was devoid of any bachata music at all. This made me realize that bachata plays an essential part in the LDC ecosystem, even if you hate dancing it.

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  • M. Ramirez says:

    Hi, regarding the bachata music in Puerto Rico, one of the things I learned while writing my “Puerto Rico is Music!” tourism book is that bachata is more popular in the countryside. If you were in the traditional touristic zone you were not going to find any venue playing bachata. The best bets are zones with high density of immigrants from the Dominican Republic, and small chinchorros in the countryside.

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