SDC Podcast #18 – Interview with Leydi Barros of BAILA Society (NYC)

Leydi Barros of BASo
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Continuing our coverage from the Orlando Salsa Congress, I sit down with Leydi Barros of BAILA Society (BASo). She is an incredible dancer and performer up in NYC and we discuss how she got into salsa, her growth as a dancer and some of her experiences along the way. But mostly, it’s just a fun conversation between two friends about something we both love, SALSA!

Resources mentioned on today’s show:

And this week’s song is ‘Mulato Rumbero‘ by Nacho Sanabria. Got some nice hits in there ;)

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  • Peter says:

    Big props for doing a podcast like this! Have been wanting to dig into the brains of great dancers for a while but havent even been able to find decent interviews let alone podcasts, so thank you.

  • Rob Castellucci says:

    Glad you are enjoying the podcast, Peter!

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