SDC Podcast #19 – Interview with DJ Suave Beats of Orlando

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Today on the show concludes my three part interview series direct from the Orlando Salsa Congress. This interview is with DJ Suave Beats who was the DJ in the bachata room on Saturday night at OSC. Ever want to get inside the mind of a DJ? Here’s your chance! Enjoy :)

Jose Manuel Malave, also known as DJ Suavebeats was born and raised in the beautiful highlands of Cayey, Puerto Rico. Here he began discovering his passion and eagerness towards the culture filled rhythms of the Bomba and Plena dances of his native island.

From an early age, his breeding in Salsa music was heavily influenced by the exposure of its roots within family gatherings and his own inclination to the beats of the Barriles. What started as a cultural hobby, evolved into a love and passion for music. Kicking off his musical journey in the in the sunny city of San Diego Suavebeats grew a natural affection for music with transcended into his transition to Jacksonville FL 2009.

North Florida opened its arms with great appreciation for his musical devotion where he was mentored under Philadelphia’s finest Carlos Camacho ( DJ MACHO ) After 2 years of engaging his way into the scene and building on new dance skills with Jenny Mycoo from Dance Elite Jose Malave adopted the name DJ Suavebeats. With perseverance and strong commitment towards music and the dancers who brought it to life, Suavebeats gradually built a respected name for him self as one of the pioneers for North Florida’s first Dance socials/ Dance Latin Nights along with the local talent.

After signing with a local dance company in Orlando in 2012 Suavebeats became part of a small group that lead the cities first bachata night in Cuba Libre known as Bachata Invasion. From the Jazz influenced city of Chicago Illinois to “the old pueblo” of Tucson Arizona, world city of Atlanta, All the way back to Miami and the lead popular Latin Dance Cruise, ADC.

Suavebeats has worked and produce a broad collection of sound and rhythm that has embellish his musical career in to what it is today. Thru and thru DJ SUAVEBEATS has humbly develop the creativity, passion, and undying love for music and its recognition in the dance scene. His pursuit in creating and environment that can birth the same love of dance is a focal ambition he always aim to achieve.

This week’s song is Hechicera Tú by Wuelfo and here’s a beautiful social dancing rendition of the song by Andres Giraldo and Selene Tovar.

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