SDC Podcast #23 – Interview with Del Dominguez of Mixed Motion Art Dance Academy

Del Dominguez
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This week’s show features an interview with Del Dominguez of Mixed Motion Art Dance Academy. Del is passionate about figuring things out and refining them to the best of his ability. This goes with his dancing, his art and his teaching. Known as a refined dancer and meticulous instructor, Del’s mission is to make MMA the go-to destination for higher learning in social Latin dance.

This week’s song is Mi Desengano by Roberto Roena.

Resources from this week’s show:

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  • Stacey Arguelles says:

    As Del’s student, it was amazing and inspiring to hear his story from the beginning. He’s always going on and on about technique and doesn’t share his geeky past! I enjoyed the tangents, on both sides. Like fillers to the focal point in truly great flower arrangement, if you know what I mean. Thank you!

    *Now I just need Laura’s interview.

  • Steven says:

    Great interview- the tangents to all the non-dancing references/ideas were cool! Is there a link to the book Del is/was writing?

  • Rob says:

    Thanks Steven! Glad you enjoyed it. Del was an awesome guest with a lot of unique ideas.

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