Fathers And Sons

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As a brief introduction, I appreciate music.  I’m not a musician per se though I’ve played several instruments in my life. I was never really much good at any of them.   I have been exposed to music ever since my early years; classical, opera, jazz and various other genres through my parents as well as courses of study about music history.  I can’t recall all that I was taught other than I remember those courses through high school and college were my fun classes, and they seemed to require little effort.

What has come to me in my later years when thinking back through my own history is nothing mind blowing.  We all have select musical genres, styles, etc. that we like or appreciate more deeply than others.  We could say the same about dance.  The word that best describes this phenomenon for me is “resonance.”  It is my opinion that we all have music, rhythms, and dance that resonate with us. These light something up inside of us and change our brain chemistries such that we find pleasure. That being said, what I write about will reflect a lot about what resonates with me.  Beyond that it is really up to the individual reader to listen to the music I bring to light to decide if it belongs in your collection.  Like many say – “it’s personal.”

At times when searching for new music and researching old music I come across a release that brings a smile to my face when I first listen to it.  The two releases I bring up today are examples of those kinds of finds.

The two CD’s released by “Los Hijos de Los Celebres” in 1998 (some resources say 1999) and 2001, respectively, caused me to pause and dig deeper about the connection of each of the singers.  The soneros of these releases are the sons of famous singer/celebrities from Puerto Rico – namely Andy Montañez, Ismael Rivera and Pellin Rodriguez.  I knew about two of the fathers but was not as aware of the third. This led me to dig deeper regarding music that was not as well known to me at the time.  Their sons – Andy (Andicito) Montañez, Jr., Ismael River, Jr. and Puchy Rodriguez, come together in these releases to highlight songs that were sung by their fathers.

As one listens to the music, the DNAs of the voices are obvious and delightful to hear. The sons sing the great songs of the past for which their fathers are well known.  The songs on these two CD’s include several nicely put together medleys and various rhythms that include guaracha, guaguanco, plena, cha cha and bomba.

The albums are such good listening it is difficult to pick favorites. Here are a few that I have enjoyed. From the first album check out the Medleys listed as No. 2 (Milonga Sentimental/Acángana/Serrana/Caballo Pelotero) and No. 3 (Don Goyo/El Barbero Loco/El Son De Santurce/Un Verano En NY). And, from the second album, check out “No Te Vayas Mulata.”

The collection of quality background vocalists found on these releases include the likes of Luisito Carrion, Pedro Jesus and Tito Allen.  The CD’s can be found at varying prices and are available for digital download on a variety of music sites including Amazon, iTunes, eMusic and some can also found on such sites as Pandora and Spotify.

As for recommendations, I avoid such terms as gems, highly recommended, etc. as those are terms of personal choice.  I leave it up to the individual to find and listen to the music to determine if the music resonates with them and will provide what the individual is either looking for or will appreciate.  Happy listening!.

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