New Music For Your Holiday Parties – And Beyond!

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Happy Holidays Salseros! We are in the midst of the holiday season, and we want you to have all of the new music that has hit our desk this month for your celebrations. Enjoy the albums below, play them during your special dinners and parties, perhaps even gift them to a friend (how about your favorite DJ?) We wish you a great holiday with your family and friends, and that Santa will bring you at least one dance!


Capsicum OrquestaPRUEBA EL SABOR

PRUEBA EL SABOR (Taste the flavor) is Salsa from Mexico, full of songs that talk about Ciudad de Mexico, its famous places – like the Zocalo –, and about a rhythm that should be heard “desde Merida a Tijuana.” Capsicum Orquesta is led by bass player, composer, and arranger Carlos Toledo. Four of the seven songs in this album were written by him. The name of the band tells of its goal – to make music that is hot and spicy like Capsicum, which is the scientific name for the family of plants that produce the many varieties of hot peppers. The album has several Salsas and a couple of cha-chas. It also gets a bit political with “Un Mismo Son,” which talks about war and peace and has a great solo by trumpet player Angel Martinez. Listen and purchase this music here.


AMORES EN EL CAMINO (Love’s Journey) was supposed to be released in October. The release was postponed, however, due to the difficulties that Hurricane Maria brought upon Puerto Rico. While the band was eager to present their new project, they do it now with a new purpose. “We have been hit hard by this natural disaster, but Puerto Ricans are resilient and happy people. This is the time for us all to unite and contribute however we can to help rebuild our confidence and rebuild our island,” said bandleader, bass player and founder Gary Nuñez. “In the most tragic and desperate moments, music is still one of the best ways to unite our people and bring happiness to all, even if just for a moment.” AMORES EN EL CAMINO presents two traditional Puerto Rican rhythms – bomba and plena – accompanied by hard-hitting horns, vocal harmonies, and jazzy musical arrangements. You can listen and purchase the album here. You will especially enjoy the last track “Por la Ventana” (Through the Window), which is a parranda meant for the holiday season. If you don’t open the door, they’ll get in through the window!

Los Blanquitos#RUMBACLAVE

Salsa, this time from Germany, is what you’ll hear in #RUMBACLAVE, the first album by Los Blanquitos. Led by German pianist Roman Gabla, the group introduces itself also with cha-cha and merengue tunes. Three of the songs are original songs by Gabla, the rest are arrangements of classics like “Son de la Loma,” and “Compadre Pedro Juan.” They feature the voice of Nadja Marquardt. Listen and purchase this album here.


From Los Angeles, this album is a tribute to Cuba’s Charanga music. Danilo Lozano wraps in a lovely bow the work that his father, Jose “Rolando” Lozano, had started sometime in the 50s. The album starts with a composition by Danilo Lozano, entitled “Fiesta de Charangueros.” If you are a Charanga lover, you’ll want to get this music, in particular the song “Te Invita a Guarachar;” because it talks about you! Listen also to “Como Baila Lola;” it’s our favorite. Peruse the album and purchase here.

Judy SantosSecreto

If you love Bachata you’ll want to listen to Judy Santos’ latest song, entitled “Secreto.” The secret is that she is in love with someone who has no idea of her feelings. The video shows her fussing over the guy at a bar, but his mind is completely elsewhere. You can also listen and purchase the song here.

E ArenasBuñuelos a Monton

This a cumbia for the holidays, written, composed, and mixed by E Arenas (the bass player for Chicano Batman). It is a nostalgic, but still happy, tune that recalls the different foods prepared by a family during the holidays, and the sounds that go along when a family gathers together to celebrate. A buñuelo is a bread-like treat made of flour that can also have a filling, be it savory or sweet, like apples or fish. This song is available for purchase here.



This album fits better, in our opinion, under the Latin Jazz section, although some of its tunes are highly danceable. Michaan has Egyptian roots and was raised in New York. As a flute player her compositions fuse rhythms from all over the world. For this, her fourth album, she has gathered some of the best musicians in the Latin Jazz and Salsa scene, including Luisito Quintero (of Spanish Harlem Orchestra) on percussion. Listen to the songs and purchase here.

The Cujazz EnsembleCOLORES

The Cujazz Ensemble is led by Cuban trombonist Andres Fernandez, who, in collaboration with Costa Rican musicians, creates what he calls “Tico-Cuban Jazz” that pays homage to the great ones of Cubop like Dizzy Gillespi, Chano Pozo, and Machito. This is a listening album (maybe perfect holiday dinner music) that will still force you to move during songs like “Blues en Cha-Rumbero,” and “Homenaje a Generoso.” Listen and purchase this music here.

Adriano ClementeHAVANA BLUE

Adriano Clemente is an Italian composer and arranger who has declared himself a fan of Cuban pianist Bebo Valdes. When he met Valdes’ granddaughter, Leyanis Valdes, the idea of creating this album was born. This is nice listening music, probably also great for your holiday gatherings, with a variety of Latin Jazz, cha-cha, and bolero songs. Listen and purchase this album here.


Malu TrevejoEn Mi Mente

“En Mi Mente” (In My Mind) has both English and Spanish lyrics, in which Trevejo sings “I can’t stop thinking about you” to someone that we never get to see on the song’s video. Trevejo is a young singer who became known first on the social platform Prior to this she had released the song “Luna Llena.” Purchase “En Mi Mente” here.


Dominican artist Maffio recently released the video for his song “Aja,” in which he talks about fake artists within the music industry who are more like puppets, and he depicts them as such. Maffio’s music is known as electronic merengue. “Aja” has a nice beat to it, definitely contagious. Purchase the song here.

AlayaBling Bling

Alaya is a young Venezuelan artist who is just launching her career in the Latin Urban scene with “Bling Bling,” a song in which she asserts that no man can buy her with just money. The song is part of her debut album, expected in 2018. She is very pretty and on top of that her song is catchy and was produced by Sebastian Jacome, who has done the same for famous people like Enrique Iglesias, Paulina Rubio, and Gloria Trevi. You can purchase the song here.


ASI COMO SUENA (The Way it Sounds) is young Colombian artist FEID’s second album. It offers 17 tracks, including two that have been very well received internationally: “Que Raro” (How Strange) featuring J. Balvin, and “911” featuring Nacho. Listen and purchase this album here.

Ok folks. This is it for 2017! We also wish you a fabulous, danceable, New Year’s Eve Celebration. We expect that the New Year will bring us lots of new music, and we can’t wait to share it with you. See you next year! May 2018 be good to all of us!

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