New Music – Joan Soriano: “Ladrona de Amor”

Ladrona de Amor Joan Soriano
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Joan Soriano doesn’t spend too much time in the recording studio. Normally, it takes the talented bachatero from Monte Plata about a week to record ten tracks, more or less, in order to release a new LP. This time, however, he spent three months recording, something that he’s never done before.

For his seventh album, Joan decided to splurge and invest more time in the studio. Originally he was going to record only ten tracks, but he ended up recording twelve. The reason was his wife Alexandra, who wrote the lyrics of track #10 “Vuelve a mi”, and also suggested to add another cover to the album to make it more ‘complete’. Joan, being the loving husband that he is, said yes to all her wife’s suggestions and requests.

The lyrics on this album are mostly about love, and being away from one’s lover. Hence the fact that three songs on this new LP have the words ‘come’ and ‘return’ to me right on the titles. Joan didn’t think they were redundant at all. “It happens all the time” he says. “And one misses all the people we love… always.”
Take a listen by clicking the YouTube playlist below, and find it on Spotify and Itunes music.