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Happy holidays everyone! Here’s wishing you a splendid season next to your loved ones, celebrating with plenty of music and dance. We are back to introduce you to some new music releases that landed on our desk during December. We think they’ll be a great addition to your New Year parties.


CaboCubaJazz – “Boas Festas”

“Boas Festas” translates as “Happy Holidays” and therefore we’ve pick it to lead our list. This song is part of CaboCubaJazz’s upcoming production (in 2017) entitled Corason Africano. The lead singers for “Boas Festas” are Dina Medina, from the Cape Verde Islands in West Africa, and Colombian Alberto Caicedo. The members of CaboCubaJazz are a real mix of Latin American talent, with musicians from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and Spain. You can listen, purchase, and keep an eye on CaboCubaJazz by checking this page on CDBaby.

Orquesta Fuego – Salsa Brava

Salsa Brava is an enjoyable release by Miami’s Orquesta Fuego with eight tracks that will not disappoint on the dance floor. You can purchase the full album or pick your favorite tracks on this page on CDBaby. It is hard to pick though, as the songs are full of energy, pushed by a strong brass line and the fantastic voices of Jorge Tamayo and Luis Aponte. If you are a Salsa dancer, this is an album for you.

Pacific Mambo Orchestra – “Sakura”

“Sakura” is a traditional Japanese song here transformed into a mambo by San Francisco’s Pacific Mambo Orchestra (PMO), featuring Japanese Salsa singer Nora Suzuki, which you may remember as the lead singer for Japan’s popular Salsa band Orquesta de la Luz. This song will be part of PMO’s second album, to be released in the spring of 2017, which will be entitled Live from Stern Grove. Check out “Sakura” and look forward to the full release, which also promises the participation of Sheila E. and Grammy award winner Marlow Rosado.

MercadoNegro – “La Palomilla”

Paying homage to the Salsa greats, MercadoNegro, from Switzerland, in collaboration with DJ El Malo, presents “La Palomilla.” This is a first single out of the band’s upcoming album, entitled Palladium Vibes. It is a great danceable tune by this group that is led by Armando Miranda, Rodrigo Rodriguez, and Cesar Correa, from Cuba, Colombia, and Peru respectively.

Soltron – Soltron

This is a self-titled debut album by this eclectic band from San Francisco. It offers salsa, cumbia, Brazilian rhythms, and even a bit of hip hop. On the dance floor we think you’ll enjoy the song “Arroz Con Gandules” (Rice and Beans), the descarga “En La Rumba,” and the cumbia “I Live Where You Vacation.”  Check out and purchase Soltron’s album by following this link.

Marlon – Dejalos Que Hablen

Dejalos Que Hablen (Let Them Talk) is a Salsa romantica album boasting the potent voice of Cuban salsero Marlon. If you have kept an eye on the Spanish TV singing competition Objetivo Fama, you already know that Marlon won the first place back in 2006. It was then that he was able to release his first production “Mi Sueno” (My Dream) under the guidance of producer Sergio George. Later on he was able to sing with artists of the caliber of La India and Ismael Miranda, and to tour extensively through the U.S. and internationally. Now, after a hiatus from the stage, he makes his comeback with this release. Listen to the single by the same title here.

Yumi Gipsy Band – Gipsy Salsa Train

The Yumi Gipsy Band’s album entitled Gipsy Salsa Train was actually released in August of 2015, but it just hit our desk this month. It is quite nice, an innovative blend of Salsa and Flamenco that we are glad to know about it, albeit a year later. We think you’ll feel the same. The Yumi Gipsy Band is from Barcelona, Spain, and it has created its great work by blending the original instruments of Salsa with some of the features of flamenco, such as the sound of the cajon (wooden box), the palmas (hand clapping), and the singing style that we traditionally associate with this Spanish music genre. The album is available on all digital outlets, and you can listen and purchase the songs by following this link.


Sr. Ortegon – “Barrio Viejo”

“Barrio Viejo” (Old Neighborhood) is a cha-cha-cha by Colombian artist Sr. Ortegon, featuring Yasmel Alfaro, and it is part of the Erase Una Vez En Cuba (Once Upon a Time in Cuba) album. The video for “Barrio Viejo” was recorded in Havana, as was the full album. It intends to take you on a journey of Cuba’s music – from its African roots to today’s Cubaton. We believe your feet will love this cha-cha-cha.


24 Horas Mickey & Joell – “Dime Que Si” and “Tu Foto”

The videos for the bachata songs “Dime Que Si” (Say Yes) and “Tu Foto” (Your Picture), by 24 Horas-Mickey & Joell, were released this month. They are both part of the duo’s recent production, entitled Tiempo. The videos include the written lyrics of the songs, with “Dime Que Si” pleading for a “yes” to a marriage proposal, and “Tu Foto” describing a brokenhearted lover who can’t stop staring at a picture.  24 Horas was busy in 2016 touring in various states in the U.S. and internationally in Spain. Now they are celebrating a second nomination to Premio Lo Nuestro in the Best Tropical Album category.


“Mambo Na’ Ma” is a first track out of Dayme Arocena’s upcoming release Cubafonia (out in March 2017). It combines Cuban mambo with New Orleans sounds, supported by a strong horn section and the great vocals of this 23-year-old promising artist. Keep an open eye for Cubafonia, which reportedly will include some contagious and danceable tunes.

Viva Cal Sextet – “Alonso”

Conguero Frankie Pineiro created the Viva Cal Sextet with the intention of interpreting some of the best Cal Tjader’s classics. “Alonso,” written by Lonnie Hewitt, is one of the tracks in the group’s new release, entitled Tjaderaid, which was recorded live in Tampa, Florida, during a concert that was dedicated to the memory of pianist Kenny Drew Jr. Listen to “Alonso” here. You can order a copy of Tjaderaid through Paypal by first emailing You could also get in touch with the sextet through their Facebook page.


Leslie Grace – “Nada De Amor”

“Nada De Amor” is Leslie Grace’s new single, which she co-wrote with renowned composers Jose Torres, Norgie Noriega, and Edgar and Xavier Semper. You can see the song’s video (which includes the written lyrics) by following this link. Also, keep an eye on Univision’s New Year’s Eve Special “Feliz 2017,” during which Leslie Grace will perform this song live. “Nada De Amor” is now available on all digital music platforms.

DKUBA – “Acurrucate”

A new video by DKUBA (also known as DKB) featuring Katia Aveiro (the sister of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo) was just released.  It was recorded in Cayo Hueso and at the Malecon in Havana, Cuba. “Acurrucate” (Cuddle with me) is a catchy song performed both in Portuguese and Spanish, and a comeback to performing for Aveiro, who had been away from the scene and busy with motherhood.

Veronica Vega – “Sin Ti”

“Sin Ti” (Without You) is Veronica Vega’s debut Spanish single, featuring Jencarlos Canela. It was co-written by Maffio, and it is part of an upcoming EP that will include performances by Farruko and Tego Calderon. Vega is of Venezuelan and Cuban decent and her voice has a sultry sound that really adds to the infectious beat of this song. We think your body won’t resist moving to it.

P La Cangri – “Dale Activate”

P La Cangri has a background in traditional tropical music, as she once was part of a 14-piece band. However, she saw a lack of prominent females in the Urban music scene and decided to fix the problem by using her knowledge of Latin music, its roots and traditions, to enrich the Urban genre with her music. Listen to her “Dale Activate” here.

Justin Alexand3r – “Stay All Night”

This new video of “Stay All Night” by Justin Alexand3r, featuring Papi Wilo, portrays gorgeous beaches, fancy cars, and beautiful women, and highlights the splendor and culture of the Dominican Republic. It’s a bilingual (English/Spanish) song from a crew that believes that there’s a place for Spanglish music in the market. It is also catchy and bound to put you to dance.

Jory Boy – “Detras De Ti”

“Detrás De Ti” (After You) by Jory Boy features Urban artist Ozuna and is part of a new production entitled Otra Liga (A Different League). See a video of “Detras De Ti” hereOtra Liga presents seven original tracks that underline various subgenres of Reggaeton (such as Trap, Perreo and Trap Soul). The release is now available on digital outlets like iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this month’s new music releases and that they will be a fun danceable addition to your holiday parties. May your 2017 be filled with everything you deserve, with fantastic music, and with many hours of happy dancing. Talk to you next year!




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