New Tropical Music Releases – November 2016

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English poet William Cowper said, “Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.” Striving to keep your dancing flavorful, we want to introduce you to the new Salsa, Bachata, and other tropical music releases that landed on our desk this month. Check them out and pick your favorites!


Edwin Sanz – Overflow

This album is the second release by Venezuelan percussionist Edwin Sanz. It contains 9 tracks – 6 originals and 3 covers. In it he experiments with various rhythms, and you’ll be able to recognize the influences of cumbia, flamenco, and even gospel within the songs. This album was recorded in multiple countries- the US, France, England, Venezuela, Spain, Colombia, and Switzerland, where Sanz currently resides. The production required the craft of about 25 musicians. The songs “Ella” and “Everybody Dance with Edwin Sanz” should do great on the dance floor. This is a link to a video of the song “I Put a Spell on You” and this is a link to the album for purchase on Overflow can also be accessed on Spotify.


Orquesta Pegasaya – Pa’l Mundo Entero

Adding this album to this section took some deciding. That’s because Pa’l Mundo Entero (For the Whole World) is not exclusively a Salsa album. The three Salsa tracks in it are in the company of a few merengues, a bachata, a cha-cha, a calypso, and a kadans (Haitian rhythm).

Kennedy Tielman, the main person behind this production, is originally from Curacao and a current resident of Tilburg, Holland. Along with a group of musicians from the Netherlands Antilles, Tielman has released Pa’l Mundo Entero as a work of great variety that may be perfect for your next party. This is a link to the album on where you can listen to samples of each song. This album can also be accessed on Spotify.


The Gypsy Cuban Project – Havana Nights

This album is simply fantastic. The result of the unlikely blend of gypsy and Cuban artists, it delivers the rhythms that our feet love to dance to, presented in a fresh way. The unusual combination was the brainchild of Damian Draghici, a Romanian musician and political activist of Roma heritage who also happens to be a big fan of Cuban music. He put together top players from across Central and Eastern Europe with some Cuban greats (like Omara Portuondo) and asked them to make music together. This album is the final result of his project, a gorgeous mix of percussion, accordions, fiddles, and the spirit of where it was recorded – Havana, Cuba. You can listen to the album by following this link.



Daniel Santacruz – “Verdad o Reto”

“Verdad o Reto” (Truth or Dare) is the first single out of an album that Daniel Santacruz is planning to release  in the first half of 2017. You can hear it and see its video by following this link. The video was recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the participation of actress Erika Boveri and under the direction of Diego Tucci. The truth is: he loves her. The dare is: to spend the night together. Wow is right!


Alejandra – “Llévame”

You may have heard Alejandra first as part of the duo Carlos y Alejandra, but now she is an energetic solo artist. Her first single “El Rey Estafador” (Cheater King) recently reached the Billboard list and, without missing a beat, she is now introducing “Llévame” (Take Me), authored by her musical producer Israel Palma a.k.a. Mayinbito, and by Daniel Santacruz. Click here to listen to the song.


Chiko Swagg, feat. Luis Vargas – “El Pobre”

Chiko Swagg tells a story in “El Pobre” (The Pauper), which he gets to sing next to the legendary bachatero Luis Vargas. His girlfriends keep on leaving him for richer men, Chiko tells his friend at a bar. His friend (Vargas) admits that it was he who stole the latest of his girlfriends away, not with money, he underlines, but with chivalry. Bachata with a moral anybody? You can listen to the song and watch the video by following this link. The video was filmed at Mama Juana Café in Queens, New York, and was directed by Ramon “Ray Cuts” Cruz.


EliaCim – “Quiero”

“Quiero” (I Want) is the first Bachata song to be included in an EliaCim album. It will be part of a release that is planned for 2017 under La Oreja Media Group/CINQ Music. However, you may recognize the tune- that’s because EliaCim had released “Quiero” as a ballad back in 2013. But Bachata is hot these days, and EliaCim’s fans are happy to welcome him into the genre. Just a week ago he got the seal of approval of thousands of followers at home, in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic. Click here to listen to the song and watch the video.


Jeyro – “No Se Su Nombre”

The spotlight shone on Jeyro after he turned two well-known Salsa tunes into bachata – “Tu Me Quemas” and “Devorame Otra Vez.” Now he is presenting an original bachata – “No Se Su Nombre” (I Don’t Know her Name), written by Daniel Santacruz and Israel Palma “Mayinbito,” and musically arranged by the latter. Jeyro is busy with performances that have taken him to various states of the USA and recently also internationally to Costa Rica. This is a link to the song on YouTube.



Milly Quezada – “Que Lluevan Corazones”

The “Queen of Merengue” Milly Quezada presents a new song, “Que Lluevan Corazones” (Let It Rain Hearts), authored by her son Anthony Vasquez and under the musical arrangement of Janina Rosado, the director of Juan Luis Guerra’s 440 band. It’s a fun and motivating song for happy times, such as the holidays, that wishes for a rain of joy and prosperity upon everyone. This is the third digital release in expectation of a full production to be presented in 2017. You can listen to it by following this link.


Chris Santiago – “Mi Mayor Deseo”

Puerto Rican native and Miami resident Chris Santiago presents this interesting song, “Mi Mayor Deseo” (My Biggest Wish), which fuses the rhythms of pop-urbano, tropical music, and electronic sounds to create what at moments feels like a merengue and at others a vallenato, and that remains upbeat and danceable throughout. If Santiago’s face looks familiar, it may be because you’ve seen him in one of his multiple appearances on Spanish language TV; he even has his own segment inside the program Despierta America. Yet, as successful as he has already been, it is Santiago’s goal to continue to bring music to his ever growing group of fans. Listen to “Mi Mayor Deseo” by following this link.


Juliana – “Hoy Voy A Beber”

Juliana is Dominican and one could say that she delivers modern merengue with a strong attitude. “Hoy Voy A Beber” (Today I’m Drinking) is an original song of her own penmanship, arranged by Henry Medrano. This song, and a prior one entitled “Medio Loca,” are part of a larger upcoming work that is currently in production. You can listen to this merengue by following this link.


Karval – “Ya llego”

Karval calls his music genre “Cumbia Style” to describe highly danceable cumbias that maintain the essence of Colombia. “Ya Llego” (He/She is Here) is a song that celebrates the return of someone who has been gone for a while and exudes the happy atmosphere that ensues upon that person’s arrival. It is a catchy tune that you can listen to by following this link.


Orkesta Mendoza – Vamos A Guarachar!

The leader of this band is Sergio Mendoza, who was born in Nogales, Arizona, and raised in Nogales, Sonora, listening to Mexican regional styles that included mainly cumbia, but also mambo, rancheras, mariachi, and of course, American classics. For a while he abandoned the Latin genres to concentrate on rock n’ roll, but now he’s back with a vengeance. Vamos a Guarachar! is cumbia with a robust electronic edge, a collection of songs that dare you to stay still. You could almost call it cumbia-rock. This is a link to “Cumbia Volcadora,” a song on this album. And here is a link to the full album on


Los Cantores de Chipuco feat. Dario Gomez – “El Tio Dario”

This song, meant to accompany holiday parties everywhere, tells what happens at a Colombian party when someone is sent to the store to buy more alcohol, takes a long time coming back with it, and, of course, by the time he does, has drank it all. It is a cumbia with strong urban rhythms.

Koko y Koronel are Los Cantores de Chipuco. They began as radio personalities that created parodies of popular songs. Eventually, however, they began to write original work. “El Tio Dario” is an original song featuring El Rey del Despecho – Colombian artist Dario Gomez. This is a link to the song on YouTube.

Here are 14 new songs for you folks! That should keep you happily listening for a while. Let us know what you think, and we may be back next month with some more. See you on the dance floor!

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