New Tropical Music Releases – April 2017

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Hello everyone! We are here to share with you the new music releases that reached our desk during the month of April. But first of all, let us introduce you to a very important song that was just released. You can’t listen to it in full unless you are willing to spend $1.30 for it, and we encourage you to do so, as you will get almost five minutes of wonderful music while supporting a seriously important cause. After that, we’re listing eleven other songs that we know you’ll love on the dance floor. Enjoy!


We want to give you an opportunity to mix your passion for music with your goodwill. “Por Ti Peru, Hoy” is a song that was released just a week ago on April 24, 2017, and that intends to help those affected by the floods in Peru. The project was led by Peruvian musician Gian Marco and was supported by a number of artists. It’s a new version of the song “Hoy” [Today], which Gian Marco wrote and that was popularized in the voice of Gloria Estefan.

The artists that participated in the “general version” of the song are: Alejandro Sanz / Gloria Estefan / Laura Pausini / Juan Luis Guerra / Luis Fonsi / Fonseca / Diego Torres / Victor Manuelle / Ricardo Montaner / Mijares / Pandora / Rosana / Eva Ayllon / Luis Enrique / Noel Schajris / Reik / Rio Roma / Ha-Ash / Paty Cantú / Leonel García / Axel / India Martínez / Beto Cuevas / Alberto Plaza / Amaury Gutiérrez / Lucho Quequezana / Gian Marco /

The artists that participated in the “folkloric versión” of the song are: Eva Ayllon / Gian Marco / Lucho Quequezana / William Luna / Max Castro / Wicho García / Christian Meier / Anna Carina / Nicole Pillman / Maricarmen Marín / Jhovan Tomasevic / Charly Parra Del Riego / Pepe Alva / Pelo D’Ambrosio / Mauricio Mesones / Grupo 5 / Ezio Oliva / Daniel Lazo / Susan Prieto / Javier Arias

The full release includes five versions, as follows:

Hoy (Versión general)
Hoy (Versión instrumental general)
Hoy (Versión folclórica)
Hoy (Versión instrumental folclórica)
Todos Somos Pueblo

The money collected will be distributed to those in need in Peru by Unicef. Not only will your purchase go to a good cause, but the song is quite beautiful. You can listen to samples of all versions and purchase your choices by following this link.

And now, let’s see about the music that new this month…


New Swing Sextet“Los Ritmos Mejores”

“Los Ritmos Mejores” [The Best Rhythms] is a first single out of an upcoming new album by the New Swing Sextet, which is celebrating 52 years of musical history. Perfect for the dance floor, this song talks about the rhythms created “pa que los bailadores siempre bailen feliz” [so that the dancers will always be happy], so go for it… dance feliz! Here’s the audio.

Diego Borrero – “Dos Señoras de Sombrero”

We were going to list Diego Borrero under the Pop-Rock section of this article for the song that he released earlier this month entitled “Llevarte Muy Lejos” [Taking You Far Away]. However, in the process we found a song that he released back in January 2017, “Dos Señoras de Sombrero” [Two Ladies Wearing Hats], that we figured you’d enjoy even more on the dance floor. It starts easy with percussion that soon turns into an animated Salsa. This is the lyrics video.


Hector Madrid – “Rumba Pacifica

“Rumba Pacifica” is a nice fusion of Timba with the sounds of the Colombian Pacific coast.  With a bit of the Cuban rhythm, traditional Colombian beats, and even a touch of Urban, singer Hector Madrid and producer Jose Acosta developed this zestful song that was recorded in Colombia and mixed in California. Listen to it on CDBaby.

Rene Alvarez y su Cuban CombinationAbriendo Los Caminos

Abriendo Los Caminos [Opening Paths] is a second release for Cuban composer, trombonist, and pianist Rene Alvarez, who currently resides in London. This is a spirited album with songs that are bound to become favorites on the dance floor. Check our favorite – “Timberos y Salseros,” and the first cut of the album, “No Estoy Pa’Eso” which is a Timba infused with Samba. Although we’ve added this release under the Timba section, the album also offers a couple of Salsa songs and one bolero. Click here to purchase the album. It is also available on Spotify.


Roberto VasquezMatices

Roberto Vasquez is a Cuban pianist and composer who now presents his second album entitled Matices [Tinges]. The eight songs that make up this release were composed and arranged by Vasquez and were recorded in collaboration with splendid guest musicians. As we are a bit biased towards the sound of the saxophone, we must recommend that you listen to “Bahia,” in which you’ll hear the craft of Venezuelan sax player Ed Calle, and the song that gives title to the album, with a solo by saxophone player Joe Escriba. The first tune of the album, “Rhumba Que Retumba,” is a melodious cha-cha that your feet will love. You can listen and purchase the album on


Ilegales – “Tamo Happy”

Some are calling “Tamo Happy” the evolution of Dominican merengue, as it crosses over to Urban without really missing the flavor of the traditional sound. It is a happy song brimming with energy, which is certainly why ESPN elected it as its song for the season, and ZUMBA selected it to be part of a musical compilation for its exercise routines. Check out the “Tamo Happy” lyric video.

Elvis Crespo feat. Ilegales“Guayo”

Since we’re in the subject of evolving merengue, check out the video of Elvis Crespo’s ”Guayo,” which features the band listed above, Ilegales. This is the second time that Crespo and Ilegales have collaborated. In this instance, the song is dynamic, its video colorful, and the question that remains is: Do you dance it as a merengue? Or do you jump around to its Urban beat? You decide. Here’s the video.


Debi Nova – “Dale Play”

Dale Play” has a contagious reggae beat that makes you want to dance. The song is part of Debi Nova’s latest album entitled Gran Ciudad [Grand City]. We’ve picked this song in particular because it includes the participation of Sheila E., a famous percussionist in her own right and the daughter of renowned Latin Jazz musician Pete Escovedo. Check out the video, recorded in Colombia. The album contains 10 additional songs that are worth listening to, including “Este Amores,” in which rapper Illa J collaborates. Debi Nova is a Costa Rican singer/songwriter that has made Los Angeles her home base. The album is available on Spotify and iTunes.

Juanes – “Angel”

As you may know, Juanes is working on a visual album entitled Mis Planes Son Amarte [My Plan is to Love You]. “Angel” is a first look into the project, a video where you’ll see Juanes dressed like an astronaut that arrives to Earth and is welcomed by an indigenous American woman. It’s catchy, interesting, and a window into the album in which Juanes promises to talk about time, space, and love. Here’s the video.


Las Cafeteras“Si Fuera Presidente”

This is a bilingual song that blends Mexican folk traditions with urban hip hop flavors and blunt political discourse. The title translates as “If I were President,” and its lyrics encourage the listeners to define what they would do if they had the power to shape the world. The song talks about free education, a living wage, clean water, and so forth, all while keeping the beat interesting and dynamic. “Si Fuera Presidente” is part of the album Tastes Like L.A., which was released just a few days ago. Check out the song here, and follow this link to purchase the album.


Karval“Si Tu Me Quieres”

Colombian Karval makes it impossible to stay still, or even quiet, with his new Cumbia Style song “Si Tu me Quieres” [If You Love Me].  Check out the video in which Karval himself acts alongside his wife. The song was both written and produced by Karval, and we find it totally infectious.

What do you think of April’s new music? We are ever so lucky to have so much talent always developing new songs for us to dance to, right?! We hope to have helped you expand your music collections, and that in turn you’ll be moved to collaborate in the effort towards Peru. We’ll be back in May with more melodic discoveries.

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