New Tropical Music Releases – August 2017

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We are back with the music releases than landed on our desk during the month of August. Here are 17 songs/albums to heat up (even more) the rest of your summer parties. Give them a listen and pick your favorites.


Daniel Peña – “SANCOCHO”

This album is out of this world! Dominican Daniel Peña gathered some of the best names in Salsa (including Richy Ray, Jimmy Delgado, Ralph Irizarri, Nicky Marrero, Gilberto Colon Jr. and Nestor Torres) for this release. It contains 11 songs, 3 of them originals. “Soledad” credits both Daniel Pena and Ismael Miranda, who sings. “Sazon Dominicano” is a fun merengue. “Por Alquien Como Tu” is a cha-cha in the vocals of Meñique. Paquito Guzman sings in “Quizas, Quizas.” The violin of Gerardo Aguillon is absolutely beautiful in the danzon “Porque Ahora.” Just about every cut in this album is outstanding, but we were sold with “El Amor,” an old ballad turned into Salsa in the voice of the fantastic Raulin Rosendo. This is an album you want for your next Salsa party. Listen and purchase on here.


The HAMMOCK HOUSE remix series began in 2011, when Fania began to give DJs/producers access to files and master tapes of music by classic artists so that they could be remixed, with the intention of introducing the Fania musical legacy to the new generation. The latest of such remixes is the SANTIAGO SESSIONS, produced and remixed by LA-based producer and DJ Jose Marquez. SANTIAGO SESSIONS presents remixed versions of old Fania classics enhanced by the live performances of a few guest musicians. For the remix of “Aguanile,” for example, Marquez enlisted Bobby Wilmore and Lazaro Galarraga to play the congas and the bata drums. For “Herencia Africana,” and because the song is about African heritage, Marquez invited US-based musicians original from Mali to perform on the djembe (instead of congas) and a marimba-like instrument called the Balafon. Truth must be told, the album has taken some heat from Salsa purists online who feel the songs were just fine as they were. There has been a particular push-back against the new version of Ray Barreto’s “Indestructive.” But, opinions are like noses and you get to have your own, so check out the album and purchase your favorites HERE. [We kinda really like Aguanile!]

Calle Soul – “PA LA CALLE”

Calle Soul is a band born in Arkansas, USA, led by Cuban percussionist Fernando Sanchez and Colombian arranger Fernando Valencia. All are original songs composed by Andrew Thompson, several of them in English, like “In the End,” “Contigo,” and “Passion,” which are nice romantic Salsa cuts. The release also includes a couple of cha-chas and one bachata. Our favorite song is “Bien Sabroso,” which we think you’ll enjoy on the dance floor. Listen to it here. PA LA CALLE [To The Street] is available on Spotify.


Andy Andy – “Sigo Siendo El Dueño”

Andy Andy is back after an absence in the bachata scene with “Sigo Siendo El Dueño” [I’m Still the Owner]. This song is part of an album that should be released soon under Andy Andy’s own record label  – Wepa Music. Listen to the song HERE.


Bryant Myers – “Pa Pasar El Rato”

“Pa Pasar el Rato” [To Pass the Time] is a reggaetón tune (with a bit of rap) in which the singer talks about a woman that has a boyfriend but is unhappy and prefers to spend her nights elsewhere. The video was recorded in Medellin, Colombia. It’s a catchy song that will make you move. Check it out here. [Those piggy tails though!]

Gloria Trevi and Alejandra Guzman – “Soy Tuya”

As their tour continues through the United States, Gloria Trevi and Alejandra Guzman have released the third single out of their VERSUS album. “Soy Tuya” [I’m Yours] is their first try into Urban music, and it will be accompanied by a video that will be released at their Sep. 8 concert in Anaheim, CA. Their US tour will take the artists to various cities in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Florida, and Georgia during the month of September, in case you want to see them live. Listen to “Soy Tuya” HERE.

Alex Sensation and Ozuna – “Que Va”

Alex Sensation, aside from being a popular DJ in the United States, is now growing as a voice in the Urban music scene. He recently introduced his single “Que Va,” in collaboration with Ozuna. The video was recorded in Miami, on the shores of Rio Miami in the Key Biscayne Bay, graced by beautiful ladies and cars. “Que Va” is part of Alex Sensation’s first album, which should be release before the end of 2017. The album will feature important names of the Urban world, like Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Nicky Jam, and more. Check the song HERE.

Farina – “Mejor Que Yo”

We like this reggaetón ballad from Colombian Urban artist Farina. In “Mejor Que Yo” [Better than I] she sings to a man who has been unfaithful and asks about the new female in his life. The song has a nice beat and a good video that you can see HERE. Farina is scheduled to receive the Nucleo Urbano 2017 prize this fall. This is a recognition given by Billboard Venezuela to promising Urban artists. Maluma and J Balvin, for example, received the prize early in their careers. It should be taken as a sign that Farina may be here to stay.

Abraham Mateo – “Loco Enamorado”

From Spain, 18-year-old Abraham Mateo has accomplished more than many. He wrote “Loco Enamorado” [Crazy in Love] along with Edgar Barrera and performed it with the collaboration of artists Farruko and Christian Daniel. The popular video, which was seen over a million times in its first 24-hours, (see it HERE) was recorded in a colorful area of Wynwood, Miami.

Osmani Garcia – “Este Verano es Mio”

Here’s some Cubaton (Cuban reggaetón) from Osmani Garcia in collaboration with Red Boy, La Musa, Adonis MC, and Miami’s Cubaton dance academy Baila con Micho. See the video HERE, which was recorded in Los Angeles and features lots of dance steps and moves.

Cabas – “Rompe Los Niveles”

Colombian Singer/songwriter Andres Cabas presents “Rompe Los Niveles” [Break the Levels] in collaboration with Descemer Bueno (the mastermind behind Enrique Iglesias’ “Bailando”). “Rompe Los Niveles” is a mix of Cumbia with Reggeaton, quite catchy, that calls for the music to keep on playing and for the rumba to never stop. Check it out HERE.


Beto Vargas – “Puro Rock n’ Roll”

This is fun for dancing. “Puro Rock n’ Roll” is Colombian singer/songwriter Beto Vargas’s tribute to the influence that classic rock-n’-roll had in his musical career. The song talks about the music genre as if it was a woman, making it at moments difficult to tell whether he is singing to the music or to a female. This cut is part of an album in progress entitled HUELLAS. Listen and purchase this song on

Hola Hi – “Nunca Mas Terminara”

Hola Hi is the combination of talents of Paul Curtis, of Louisiana, and Angelina Lopez, from the Dominican Republic. Not only are they romantically involved, but they make a good team composing and developing music, like the song “Nunca Mas Terminara” [It Will Never End Again], that is a mix of pop, rock, R&B, and the rhythms and sounds of the Dominican island. At times sounds like a bachata, then more like pop. It has an interesting video that you can watch HERE.


Niteshifters – “HUGE DISCO”

Advertised as “the new sound of Disco,” Huge Disco celebrates the joyful sounds of original disco with a modern production. These songs will certainly make you sway. Listen to “Show Me What You’re Got” here. You can discover more about the band on their Facebook page.


Out of Nations – “Sellem”

This six-piece band delivers eclectic mixes, anything from electronic to pop, jazz, rock, Latin, and more. Now they present a fresh twist to the Egyptian classic “Sellen Alay,” briefly titled “Sellem,” in the voice of Dina Elwadidi. It’s a catchy song that will certainly make your body move. Listen to “Sellem” HERE.


Ali Stone – “El Lado Oscuro”

Colombian producer, singer/songwriter, and DJ Ali Stone presents “El Lado Oscuro” [The Dark Side], an electro-pop song mixed with her voice and the voice of rapper Sam I Am. It’s a tune inspired in Edgar Alan Poe’s short story “The Masque of the Red Death,” as well as in Batman comics that tell the tale between the Joker and Harley Quinn. It has a dark, yet attractive video (see it HERE) that was recorded in France, both in a dark castle in Fecamp and at the beach in Etretat, which is the Normandie region. “El Lado Oscuro” is part of a larger work entitled SEXTO SENTIDO [SIXTH SENSE], which is Stone’s debut album.

What do you think about all this hot new music? We hope it’ll expand your music playlists and your time on the dance floor. Remember to support these fabulous artists by purchasing your favorites. We will be back at the end of September with more new sounds for your ears and feet!

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