New Tropical Music Releases – February 2017

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We are back with music releases that landed on our desk during the month of February. Some of these songs are absolute musts on the dance floor. Add them to your playlists, or even share them with your favorite DJ. There is no need to keep on dancing to the same 15 songs when there’s so much wonderful new and uncharted material out there!


Cuba Libre Son BandSon’ta Duro

This is a fantastic release of Cuban Son performed by the Colombian band Cuba Libre Son Band. If you like the sound of the violin, the flute, and the contagious rhythm of Son, you must listen to Son’ta Duro (which translates roughly as “This Son’s Hard”). Very much a danceable album, we could barely sit still long enough to write about it. Cuba Libre Son Band is a quartet of tremendous sound that was formed in 2012 in Cali, Colombia. Click here to listen to the album.

Rey Chavez – “Ella Es Asi

Ella Es Asi” (She is that way) is a fusion of tropical rhythms and urban beats. Rey Chavez is Cuban and his latest work has been experimenting with such mixes. In this case, he features Eddy-K and together they came up with a song that is catchy and invites you to dance. Music video below:

Dany Noel – “Por la Habana

If you like Timba, you’ll appreciate “Por la Habana” (For Havana). This is an album by Dany Noel, born in Cuba, now residing in Europe. He graduated from Conservatorio Ignacio Cervantes de la Habana with specialty in classic guitar. Through the years he has performed with great musicians from Cuba and the world. This is a link to four minutes of music that combine bits of each of the songs in this album. You can also look for the individual titles on


CaboCubaJazz – “Que Nos Diabo Morre

In December we introduced you to CaboCubaJazz’ song “Boas Festas,” which was released just in time for the holidays, with a promise of a full album release for this year. Well, that new release, entitled Corason Africano, is now out, with 13 tracks full of rhythms out of Africa, South America, and the Caribbean. “Que Nos Diabo Morre” (which to be honest we’re not sure about the translation) is a Salsa tune that is part of this new release and that we think you’d enjoy on the dance floor. Likewise, we are certain that your feet will appreciate the boleros “Amor Del Alma,” and “Peace,” and the danzon entitled “Danzón Morna ‘Força di Cretcheu.” You can listen to the entire album and purchase your favorites by following this link.

Amy AkaokaAmy Akaoka Llego

Proving that Salsa unites the world, here is Japanese Amy Akaoka releasing her first self-titled album. It contains six original songs written by Kenjiro Iwamura and Hiroyasu Ito. If you like romantic Salsa, you will certainly enjoy these songs on the dance floor. Listen and purchase your favorite tunes by following this link.

Yani Borrell – “Amor Por Ti”

Yani Borrell is a Cuban singer now residing in Canada. “Amor Por Ti” (Love For You) is a romantic Salsa that shows off his distinct voice and that should feel great on the dance floor. Follow this link to listen and purchase it. You can also enjoy the audio of his ( and our favorite) – “La vecina del frente” (The neighbor across the street) on YouTube, as well as a live video of his “Que No Muera La Salsa” (May Salsa Not Die) recorded in Toronto a few months ago.



This is music created in France by a group of Latin American musicians. It contains various rhythms, but we’re listing it under cha-cha because there are several songs that will be beautifully danced with that step. Listen to the audio of “Camina La Flauta” (The Flute Walks) here, and this is a link to the song “Mi Viejo” (My Old Man). Both are part of Popular, which is available in full on Spotify.


Prince Royce and Shakira – “Déjà vu

Shakira singing bachata… yeap, it’s happening right here next to Prince Royce. “Déjà vu” was written by bachatero Daniel Santacruz and his brother Manny Cruz and is part of Prince Royce’s new album entitled Five. This lyrics of the song which speak of someone fearful of falling again for a troublesome love.  Song below.

Alejandra – “Llevame

Alejandra has released a video for “Llevame” (Take Me), in which she’s “the girl next door” that comes in to use the phone and ends up staying for a lot more. “I’m feeling more adult,” Alejandra said, so she took up the challenge to act as a rather dangerous woman creating havoc for a man in this video of the song written by Israel Palma “Mayinbito” and Daniel Santacruz. The video was shot in Miami and you can view it below. (And just so that we are clear, we do not condone people drugging people under any circumstance.)

J’Martin – “El Amor de mi Vida

If you admit to knowing who Camilo Sesto is, and if you know the lyrics of “El Amor de mi Vida” (The Love of My Life) by heart, well, you’re dating yourself. But here is J’Martin honoring the famous Spanish singer by putting this song into a bachata beat that, at least for people of a certain age, is irresistible. The tune is part of J’Martin’s full album under the title Mi Tiempo (My Time). (Side note, did you know that J’Martin’s real name is Anthony Espinal? We just found out ourselves.) Enjoy this audio, with lyrics added, by following this link.


Silvestre DangondGente Valiente

This vallenato release is full of the sounds of Colombia, with catchy and inspiring lyrics. Colombian Silvestre Dangond is taking this traditional music to new levels, presenting it all over the world and at packed stadiums. You can listen to the songs and purchase your favorites by following this link.


Jacob ForeverInvicto

Jacob Forever was part of the group Gente de Zona prior to going solo. This is an urban music album with Cuban sounds throughout. Of its 16 songs, our favorite is “Hasta Que Se Seque el Malecon,” which video was filmed on the island and is quite colorful. Truthfully, though, the entire release is enjoyable. This is a link to the album on This songs were posted by Jacob.

RK “El Artista” – “Me enamore de una fan

Me Enamore de una fan” (I fell in love with a fan) is the debut single of Colombian young artist RK “El Artista.” This below video for the song was recorded in Hollywood, CA, and shows RK enlisting his followers to help him find the fan that has captured his heart. We should be hearing more from RK soon, as he is currently working on a full album to be released sometime this year.

Papi Wilo – “Sufriendo de Amor”

Sufriendo de Amor” translates into “Suffering for Love,” and that is what you’ll see in Papi Wilo’s latest video. It may take watching it a couple of times before you can come up with an interpretation, and that is intentional. But certainly you will soon understand that it deals with the pain that comes from a break-up and the different ways that people survive it. The video was filmed in the Dominican Republic and contains some gorgeous shots of the island (and we think you’ll soon figure out that it was sponsored by a particular brand of vodka).  Song video below.


Kinky – “Te Vas

Kinky is one of the most famous electronic music bands from Mexico. “Te Vas” (You’re leaving) presents Kinky at its best – electronic sounds with soulful lyrics. The songs video presents a couple from its first happy moments to its breakup, featuring the band’s lead singer Gil Cerezo and Mexican actress Ana Claudia Talancon. It was shot both in Los Angeles and Teotihuacan, Mexico. You will find it at most digital stores.

Matt Hunter – “Amor Real

Amor Real” (Real Love) is Matt Hunter’s debut song. Hunter was born in New Jersey in a family of Colombian-Italian roots. His song is about a young person and his first love. He feels completely taken by her and wants to be accepted by her family. “Amor Real” uses electronic elements with a tinge of urban beats. He is young but is already working on a full album to be released in the fall of 2017. Video below.

You will have the most up-to-date playlist out there if you take the time to listen to this new music and pick your favorites. It is amazing how much talent there is out there, and how much new work is released monthly. Let’s say no to monotony! Dance away to these tunes. We’ll soon be back with more.

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