New Tropical Music Releases – July 2017

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Hello dancers! It’s been two months since we introduced you to new music, so today we are hitting you with 20 fresh music releases, many of them Salsas, that we hope you’ll consider worthy additions for your playlists and a party on the dance floor.


Moise Gonzalez y Son Iya Orchestra
“Una Vida, Una Historia”

From the Canary Islands, and infused with the sounds of Cuba, Moise Gonzalez y su Son Iya present Una Vida, Una Historia (A life, A Story), an album of 16 songs, some of which had been previously recorded but that are this time around delivered with fresh arrangements. This work was recorded live, also turned into a DVD. You can watch the video of one of our favorites, “Nadie Sabe Na’” (No One Knows a Thing), below.

Melina Almodovar and Tito Puente Jr.
“Mi Socio”

In 1965, the great Tito Puente recorded “Mi Socio” (My Associate) with another icon – La Lupe. Now Tito Puente Jr. has recorded a new version of the song in the voice of Miami’s Melina Almodovar. You can listen to their song here, and why not… compare it to the original here.

El Septeto Santiaguero

El Septeto Santiaguero, the great traditional Cuban music group founded in 1995, presents Raiz (Root), which is a collection of songs that feature well-known Salsa and Latin Jazz artists of the likes of Charlie Aponte, Alfredo De La Fe, and Arturo O’Farrill. Their version of the classic “Lagrimas Negras,” in the voice of Ruben Blades and Medoro Madera, is outstanding! Listen to it here.

Jenny Colon
“Llegaste Tu”

Jenny Colon presents “Llegaste Tu” (You Arrived), song of her own authorship and with arrangements by Isidro Infante. If she looks familiar is because you may remember her from her participation in Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez’s movie “El Cantante.” Colon is a Nuyorican with two albums under her belt who is coming back with this song after an absence from the stage. Listen to the song here.

La Poderosa Latin Orchestra
Greatest Hits

This is a double album release with 31 songs by Italy’s La Poderosa Latin Orchestra. It’ll entertain you for hours with songs like “Son Para Ella” (A Son For Her), which is a Timba that should be fire on the dance floor. There are a couple of English songs, originally performed by Ten Sharp and Sting, set into Latin rhythms that are quite interesting. Check out their version of Ten Sharp’s “You” here.

Carlos Sanchez
“1st Intent”

This is an interesting release because every instrument played in each of its 10 tracks is played by Carlos Sanchez himself. He invited Ricky Luis Porrata, Dante Loaiza, and Nestor Martínez to help him with the voices, though. This is a link to the album on iTunes.

Loca Latina
“Locura Griega”

This is a nice release coming from Greece. “Locura Griega” (Greek Madness) features the traditional Greek instrument called Bouzouki, which has a metallic sound that may remind you of a mandolin. Listen to it here.

Mambo Compañeros
“Clasicos Recuerdos”

This is one of our favorites this month. From Norway, lead by pianist Morten Husse and saxophonist Kare Kolve, Mambo Compañeros is here accompanied by the Trondheim Symphonic, together delivering standards out of the Cuban playbook that have been infused with classical music sounds. The voice is Alexander Fernandez, who used to sing with Manolito y su Trabuco. Their rendition of “Mambo Italiano,” for example, is delicious. The full release is available on Spotify. You can listen to the song entitled “Cuando, Cuando, Cuando,” by following this link.

Sean Bellaviti’s Conjunto Lucalu
“Toronto Mambo”

This is a debut album for Toronto Mambo, the Canadian group formed in 2008 by pianist and arranger Sean Bellaviti. The recording features invited guests like Herman Olivera, Cuban singer Adis Rodriguez Galindo, and trombonist Jimmy Bosch. You can listen to the track “La Llave” (The Key) here.

“Lengua, Alambre y Cuero”

This is a record of traditional Cuban rhythms, including son and changui. The arrangements were written by Enrique “Kiki” Varela Alarcon, who is part of the well-known musical family Varela Miranda, from Santiago de Cuba. Trovadoro is a group of five musicians from the United States and Cuba. The album is available on Amazon here.

San Miguel Perez
“Un Poquito de Amor Every Day”

Born in Cuba, San Miguel Perez currently resides in Los Angeles and is part of the Cecilia Noel band. Known for his skills on the Tres, Un Poquito de Amor Everyday (A Little Love Each Day) is San Miguel’s debut album. “Mi Mambo Es Distinto” (My Mambo is Different) is a danceable tune that also has a lovely message – he seems to be talking to his mother, 46 years old, who still looks wonderful, with a spark in her eye. “At Ritmo de 1,2,3” should also work well on the dance floor. For those of us in the Los Angeles area, this is an album easy to identify with, with songs titles like “Topanga es mi Conservatorio” and “Conga en California.” Check the album on Amazon here.

Rik Indio
“Tu Sabes Bien”

Never judge a book by its cover, right? We’re all told that and still, when we got the press release for this new song, we fully expected it to fall in the urban genre. Turns out that Rik Indio just looks like “El Bad Boy de la Salsa” thanks to his tattoos, piercings, and rugged looks, but “Tu Sabes Bien” (You Know It Well) is very much a Salsa and Rik Indio very much the Salsero. Enjoy the video here.


Giju John and Christian Tumalan
“Bachata Indu”

We love this album! When musicians say that they’re looking for a new sound, this must be what they’re talking about. Bachata is here infused with Hindu sounds, even welcoming the Santur – an Indian string instrument – in place of bachata’s traditional lead guitar. Listen to “Solo en el Paraiso” (Alone in Paradise). We think you’ll find it wonderfully fresh and just as smooth on the feet. Bachata Indu is available on Amazon here.

Judy Santos

This bachata was written and is performed by Judy Santos, who you may have first heard in Aventura’s “Obsesion.” This is a love song, with lyrics that tell of her secret feelings towards a man, based, according to Santos, on a real life experience. The song is now available on all streaming outlets.

Grupo Extra and Daniel Santacruz
“Ya Volvieron a Darme Las Seis”

The video for “Ya Volvieron a Darme Las Seis” (I’m Up at 6 am again) was released recently. This is a song in which bachata group Grupo Extra and singer/author Daniel Santacruz work together for a first time to deliver a lovely story that tells of a man who spends full nights awake thinking about the woman he loves. The video was filmed in Sevilla and Cadiz, Spain, and the female in the video is the model Lydia Ruiz. Enjoy the video and the song here.


Osmani Garcia & Orishas

“Rumbon” is a fusion of rumba, rap, trap, reggaeton, guaguanco, and a few other beats. It also brings together the voices of Osmani Garcia and three singers from the legendary Cuban group Orishas – Yotuel Romero, Roldan Gonzalez, and Ruzzo Medina. It’s full of rhythm, and it is certainly a song that your body will want to move to. Listen to it here.

Bang Data

A little Latin, a little rock, hip hop, dancehall rhythms, and more, “Galactica” is Bang Data’s latest proposition. Bang Data is comprised of singer/rapper/songwriter Deuce Eclipse and producer and multi-instrumentalist Juan Manuel Caipo. “Galactica” is the first release out of an upcoming album entitled LOCO. The song is catchy. We dare you listen to it without moving!

Daniel Martin
“Daniel Martin & Friends: Distintos”

There are 14 songs in this album, each from a different music genre. Here you’ll find reggae rhythms as well as reggaeton, merengue, trap, vallenato, even a ballad. We are listing it under this category since the release is an eclectic compilation of various genres and sounds. Cuban Daniel Martin is the author of every song in the release. He is showcasing several guest singers. At least some the songs are sure to get you dancing. Check “Celoso” (Jealous) for example, in the voice of Dunia Ojeda.

Kevin Davis & Ban Caribe
“Keep the Peace (Paz)”

In Keep the Peace (Paz), New York native singer and musician Kevin Davis fuses Afro-Cuban rhythms with the music of Trinidad and Tobago. The song “Ay Na Ma” is quite danceable, and you’ll enjoy the faster version of the well-known classic “Lagrimas Negras.” We think you’ll also appreciate the good-feeling, spiritual tunes, like “Let the Good Times Roll.” Click here to check the album on CDBaby.


Christos DC
“Speak the Fire”

“Speak the Fire” is the first single out of Greek-American Reggae artist Christos DC’s upcoming release Tessera. The song features up-and-coming Bulgarian artist Zafayah and the production powerhouse unit The Skankin Monks. The video for the song, which you can watch here, was filmed in Goa, India. It starts with a fire and a chant, and then moves on to a smooth beat that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

Well, that’s 20 new releases for you. That should keep you busy listening, buying, downloading, and dancing, until we come back at the end of August. Catch you on the dance floor!



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