New Tropical Music Releases – March 2017

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Hello readers! We are back to share with you the new music releases that reached our desk during the month of March. Below you’ll find energetic Timba, interesting world music fusions, a fun bachata video, and all sorts of additional gems. We hope you’ll take the time to listen to our selections and that they’ll help you further enrich your dance playlists.


Angel Yos y La Mecanica Loca – “Vamo’ Hacerl”

Try to listen to this release without moving your body and you will be unsuccessful. This energetic Cuban Timba is contagious and bound to be a hit on the dance floor. Cuban Angel Yos wrote most of Vamo’ Hacerlo (Let’s Do It)’s 12 tracks, which were recorded in Cuba, France, and the USA. A great group of musicians worked on this album, including members of the popular Habana D’Primera and artists who have performed with the likes of Chucho Valdez and Omara Portuondo. The full album is available now on Spotify, and this is a link to purchase it on

Armando Miranda y Sonora Habana – “El Guararey de Pastora”

Roberto Baute Sagarra’s “El Guararey de Pastora” is turned into a guaracha by Cuban (and now resident of Switzerland) Armando Miranda and his Sonora Habana. The result is perfect for the dance floor. (Here’s the audio.) We’re providing you both versions of the song, hoping that you will take the time to listen to them. We find the transformation quite interesting, as we hear the core of the original song revamped to sound modern and more danceable.

Simon Bolzinger – “Tambor y Canto”

Simon Bolziner is a French pianist. Accompanied by musicians from Cuba, Brazil, and Peru, he has released Tambor y Canto [Drum and Song], a compilation of 13 songs boasting various sounds of black music from the Americas. Between milongas and samba, there are a few Cuban Rumbas that we think you’ll enjoy. Check out “Yemanja,” “Osain,” and “Recife Estremeceu,” although the rest of the album is likewise interesting. You can listen by following this link to


Isidro Infante – “Cuba y Puerto Rico: Un Abrazo Musical Salsero”

This is a brand new release, although the songs in it are well-known Salsa classics. Isidro Infante (Puerto Rican pianist, composer, and producer) had the idea to bridge the music of the two islands by having Cuban singers perform Puerto Rican classics in this first part of the production. A second upcoming volume will do the opposite – Puerto Rican singers will perform Cuban standards. This first part of Cuba y Puerto Rico: Un Abrazo Musical Salsero (Cuba and Puerto Rico: A Salsa Music Hug) includes great music with great voices worth your time. This is a link to the release on, but you can also find it on Spotify and iTunes.

Maelo Ruiz – “No Entiendo”

“No Entiendo” [I Don’t Understand] is a new song by Puerto Rican singer Maelo Ruiz meant to get you excited about the upcoming release of his album Romantico y Boricua Volumen II. This new album was recorded in Puerto Rico and will be available to the public in April 2017. “No Entiendo” was written and composed by Venezuelan Frederman Franco, who is also the producer of the album.

Puerto Colombia Ensamble – “Tu Regalo”

Tu Regalo [Your Gift] is a 5-track album and the Puerto Colombia Ensamble’s second production. This band was created in 2013 in Puerto Rico, the brainchild of Colombian Fabio A. Ortiz, who seeks to combine traditional Colombian songs with Afro-Caribbean and Jazz elements. Most of these new songs were written by Javier Curet and are graced by the potent voice of Marianette Bermudez. The album is available on iTunes and Spotify. This is a link to purchase it on

 Mantecablue – “Vamo’ A Hablar”

“Vamo’ A Hablar” [Let’s Talk] is a good danceable Salsa that is part of Mantecablue’s debut release, entitled Si Suena!. Mantecablue is a Colombian collaboration of musicians that were gathered by pianist Daniel Gutierrez. In this album they present nine original songs, including some Latin Jazz tunes and a couple of cha-chas we think you’ll enjoy. Check out, for example, “Escuchame” and “Guajira para Eva.” This is a link to the full release on

Danilo Paiz – “Perseverando”

Danilo Paiz is originally from Nicaragua and now a San Francisco resident. Perserverando [Persevering] is an autobiographical release that he uses to talk about his musical life – from roots that go back to his grandfather to the list of Latin musicians that he has collaborated with through the years. All of the songs were authored by him, with arrangements by Willie Ruiz and John Calloway. This is a link to the full release on

Soleil J – “Despertare”

Argentinian singer Soleil J recently released two versions of “Despertare” [I Will Wake Up] – Salsa and pop. Originally from Buenos Aires, she now lives in New York. The song speaks about a woman who discovers her lover’s infidelity at a bar. She immediately promises to wake up and let him go. Soleil J is a driven young woman and we expect to hear more about her in the future. We are told that, aside from singing and writing songs, she is also a DJ and is additionally working on an app to make TV and music more accessible. Way to go!


Sonora Nuyorkina – “Summertime”

If the melody of “Summertime” sounds familiar, it is because it was originally written by George Gershwin in 1934 to be part of the opera Porgy and Bess. Dominican trumpet player Wilson Portuondo then had the idea to give the classic tune a cha-cha arrangement and what we got is a fantastic danceable song performed by the Sonora Nuyorkina. Listen to both versions (links provided). It’s worth your time.


Lirow – “Bailando Bachata”

For all of you out there falling in love while swaying to bachata on the dance floor… this is your song. Lirow released the video “Bailando Bachata” [Dancing Bachata] in February, where you see him entering a dance studio and getting his first bachata dance lesson. He apparently makes amazing progress rather quickly, and soon you see him twirling around the dance floor (and more) with his dance instructor. In reality, the moves belong to Ronald and Alba, popular dancers in Europe. This is a cool video. We think you’ll enjoy it.


This is a very nice Latin Jazz album that deserves to be listened to with a flavorful glass of wine. For people in California it will feel home grown, as the album was recorded at locations like Yoshi’s in Oakland and Freight & Savage in Berkeley. Check out the fusion of popular Indian music with Latin Jazz in “Sangria,” and the sound of congas and timbales in “Milo’ Moment.” This is a link to the album on


Juliana O’Neal – “Amorcito Enfermito”

A native of the Dominican Republic, Juliana began her career at age 17. Now 20, she is releasing “Amorcito Enfermito” [Little Sick Love] as a merengue. The song was authored by Romeo Santos and originally released as a bachata in the voice of Hector Acosta “El Torito.” Click here to listen to a clip of the song. It is now available in all digital platforms.


La Santa Cecilia – “Me Veras”

This is a dark rock tune, albeit short, that is the theme song for the new Netflix original series entitled Ingobernable. La Santa Cecilia is a Los Angeles-based group that fuses rock with world music. Their work represents the current bicultural generation in the US, which is fully immersed in modern music, but still influenced by its Latin American heritage. The song is about a woman fighting for her life. Ingobernable stars Kate Del Castillo and Erik Hayser. We are impressed that La Santa Cecilia landed the opportunity to do the theme song for this show! Click here to listen!

Mariana Vega – “La Marea”

She won the Latin Grammy Best New Artist award in 2014 and now she has released “La Marea” (The Tide), which is a combination of rock, pop, urban, and maybe even New Age sounds. The video shows a couple connecting through contemporary dance (delightful number), while Mariana sings… sometimes submerged in water. Worth checking it out!

So what did you think? Some of this stuff is amazing, right?! When you find a song you like, consider purchasing it. Monetary support is an excellent way to keep artists doing what they do best –creating wonderful music that will keep us moving on the dance floor. We wish you a dance-filled April. We’ll be back with more hot-from-the-oven music in four weeks!

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