New Tropical Music Releases – March 2018

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Hello social dance community! Our desk received plenty of new music for consideration this month. Below we share our favorites, a good mix of music with one commonality: they’ll make you dance! Find your favorites and remember… support our talented artists by buying a song or two!

Salsa releases

Oscar Ivan Lozano, known artistically as Oilo, has an extensive musical resume that includes 10 years as musical director for Grupo Niche and as musical producer of Choquibtown. Now he is presenting CURAO EN SALSA: SALSA PARA EL BAILADOR, VOL 1, which is, in fact, a compilation of songs that should be fantastic on the dance floor. This is a powerful work with music that boasts three trombones, the magic of Oilo on the piano, and the voices of nine singers: Alex Torres, Hector Viveros, Yarlinto Ruiz, Hermes Manyona, John Lozano, Julio Lopez, Kike Harvey, Betty Kaar, and Carlos Guerrero. This is Salsa that makes your body move! Listen and purchase this album on

From France, La Marcha makes its debut with CRONICA URBANA, an album with lots of commentary about our society and what is important to most people these days. In one of the songs the writer (Cristobal Diaz) calls this work a musical catharsis. In fact he does send a lot of opinions out into the world about… well… just about everything – the cars we drive, our obsession with phones, our idolatry of soccer, and so on and forth. Whether you the listener will agree with the lyrics remains to be seen, but what we are certain of is that you are all going to love this music – songs with two trumpets, two trombones, and a sax, and the voice of Cuban Julio David Lopez – this is good stuff. Diaz had something to say and he has said it set to fantastic sounds. The album is streaming on Spotify, and available for purchase on iTunes.

Carlos Sanchez – “Que Onda Guey”
Carlos Sanchez, living in the US and of Puerto Rican heritage, presents a tribute to Mexico with “Que Onda Guey,” which is a Mexican Spanish greeting that roughly translates into “What’s Up Dude.” In this song Sanchez talks about the beaches of Mexico, and of its food, drink, and culture. It’s certain that he loves the country! Listen to it here, and purchase it on

Chiquito Team Band – “Abreme Los Caminos”
“Abreme Los Caminos” [Open the Way for Me] was released towards the end of 2017, but just this month it reached the top of the iTunes Tropical list. This song, written by Cuban composer Osmany Espinosa, is the first cut of an album in progress entitled “CTB” (the initials of the group). It’s a fun song with a strong Cuban groove that should feel great on the dance floor. Enjoy the video here.


Karval – “Dale Dale Oh! Colombia”
Aside from dancing, what do we like? Soccer, of course we love soccer! And since the biggest party for soccer fans in the world is just a couple of months away, even the musicians are getting ready. “Dale Dale Oh! Colombia,” in Karval’s “Cumbia Style,” should be a great tune in celebration of Colombia’s accomplishments during the World Cup, plus you can dance to it! Check out the lyric video here.


Luigi Lazareno and Dewitt Salter – THE SOULSA PROJECT
As you may suspect by its title, this album fuses elements of Salsa with Soul. Soul classics (by artists like Stevie Wonder, Sting, and Prince) are infused with the rhythms of Salsa. Respecting each genre, Mexican pianist and producer Luigi Lazareno chose to invite only soul singers to perform, while the musicians are Salsa greats of the likes of Venezuelan Jorge Orta (Grupo Niche) and Puerto Rican trumpet player Omar Martinez. Best on the dance floor should be Prince’s “I Feel For You,” presented here as a cha-cha. The rest of the songs may be a bit fast for dancing, but we’ll let your feet decide. The album is available on Spotify and on CDBaby.

Calle Mambo Project – SEE THE LIGHT
Calle Mambo Project is led by drummer Christopher Smith and pianist and arranger Mike Eckroth. This is great music to listen to, with quite a few that your cha-cha dance step will love. You must check out “The Way You Move,” with Spanish lyrics, soul sounds, and Eckroth on the piano. Listen also to Pete Escovedo’s “Sunrise,” which starts like a cha-cha and then turns into a descarga. Another favorite is “Feelin’ Alright.” A bit of Salsa, some Soul, and plenty of Latin Jazz, this is a CD that’s a gift to the ears. Listen and purchase on


Abraham Mateo ft. Jennifer Lopez and Yandel – “Se Acabo El Amor”
The urban versión of “Se Acabo El Amor” [Love Has Ended] was just released by Spain’s Abraham Mateo featuring Jennifer Lopez and Yandel. The video was shot in Los Angeles and it’s promised for release sometime in April. Meanwhile you can listen to the song here. Sounds good, we think, and Mateo hopes that it “will cause a stir and will make people dance all over the world.”

Sebastian Yatra ft. Lary Over and Luis Figueroa – “Por Perro”
This song is quite contagious. Sebastian Yatra is a Colombian Latin Pop and Reggaeton artist that invited Puerto Rican Luis Figueroa and Urban artist Lary Over for a collaboration in “Por Perro,” [roughly meaning “For being a dog”], which girls should like because for once three guys are admitting to be at fault! Of course, the song also gives us a fantastic story: we are born with a red thread… that even if it’s stretched out or entangled can never be broken… therefore… cheating can go on forever and we will still love and love unendingly, right?… yeah no… BUT… the idea makes for a nice song and a nice video too. Purchase it on

iZAAK – “El Amor Se Cayo”
“El Amor Se Cayo” [Love Fell] has a nice beat and a cool video that was shot in Los Angeles and shows off great views of its downtown. Puerto Rican iZAAK is a young performer and songwriter currently signed with Warner Music Latin. Although young, he has been performing for quite a few years. At 14 he won the “Star Kids Fest” competition and later was part of young band “Los Menores.” We find the song catchy, with a subject that is universal – unrequited love.

Nice music, eh? That should keep you listening and dancing as we thaw out and enjoy the spring. We look forward to the songs that will reach us during April and to sharing them with you all. Meanwhile, keep dancing. See you on a dance floor somewhere!

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