New Tropical Music Releases – May 2017

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Hello again! We are back with the music releases that landed on our desk during the month of May. Below you’ll find great Salsa, Timba, Latin Jazz, Reggae, Spanish rock, Merengue, and Urban songs that are bound to enrich your music library. Enjoy!


Edwin ‘El Calvito’ Reyes – “Eres Mi Esposa” / “Ya Te Olvide” / “Ran Kan Kan”

Edwin Reyes is an active member of the US military going into his 20th year of service. Wherever he has served – be it Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, or Kyrgyzstan – he has taken the love for Salsa with him. While in Iraq, he penned “Eres Mi Esposa” (You Are My Wife). He is releasing this original work along with two covers – “Ya Te Olvide” (I Already Forgot You), original of Marco Antonio Solis, and Tito Puente’s “Ran Kan Kan,” here arranged by David Lugo. Reyes was born in Puerto Rico and his work comes to us via Kansas, USA. Click on the links above to enjoy the songs.

Mercadonegro – La Salsa Es Mi Vida

Mercadonegro, the Salsa band based in Switzerland and led by Cuban singer Armando Miranda, Peruvian pianist Cesar Correa, and Colombian percussionist Rodrigo Rodriguez, is celebrating its 15th anniversary with the release of La Salsa Es Mi Vida (Salsa Is My Life). The album includes 15 tracks of Salsa, Timba, Son, Boleros, and Descargas; the majority of them original pieces. The song that gives the album its title is dedicated to the Salsa dancer, even mentioning the Salsa Congresses that are popular around the world. “Pa Los Rumberos” should be another favorite on the dance floor. We happen to love the song “Sin Cuero No Hay Salsa” (There’s No Salsa Without Cuero **literally leather but it means more something like** Drums), a song that really shows the importance of the timbales and the congas in the overall sound of Salsa. The song “Te Lo Pido De Rodillas” (I’m Asking On My Knees) is also interesting because it is a Salsa remake of an old pop song by Los Iracundos from Uruguay. The album is available on iTunes and Spotify, and this is a link to it on CDBaby.

Manny Martinez y la Rebeldia – Identidad Profunda

San Francisco based Manny Martinez and his band La Rebeldia present Identidad Profunda (Deep Identity), a great album of six original songs that should be fire on the dance floor. Every salsera named Claudia should love the song with her name as title. “Entendimiento” (Knowledge) is a great Timba with a touch of hip-hop, and “Boogaloo By The Bay” is a flavorful Latin Soul that should feel perfect on your feet to the cha-cha step. This album is available on iTunes, Spotify, or by following this link.

Shakere Latin Band – “Mosquita Muerta”

We could use a full page trying to translate the meaning of this song’s title into English. Mosquita Muerta is a phrase used in Spanish to describe a person who looks so wholesome that you would never attach any cunning to them… but they end up surprising you. There’s no exact translation, but it is similar to the idea you get when you hear of someone who is like “a snake in the grass” – someone with the potential to shock you. It is about such a girl that this song talks about. It’s the first cut of Shakere Latin Band’s upcoming album, expected towards the end of 2017. Venezuelan Agustin Nava leads the group. He is a current resident of Houston, TX. “Mosquita Muerta” is available for purchase on Amazon. This is a link to its video.


Rumbankete – Arcoiris

From Los Angeles, Rumbankete presents its second album – Arcoiris (Rainbow). There are eight songs in this release, most of them written by and in the voice of Gonzalo Chomat. “De Frente” (Facing Forward) is the only cover in the album, written by Colombian musician Pablo ‘Tucupra’ Dominguez and here arranged by Oscar Hernandez of the Spanish Harlem Orchestra. “Ambicioso Seductor” (Ambitious Seducer) was penned by Iris Sandra Cepeda and it is absolutely gorgeous in her voice. Arcoiris was produced by Alberto Lopez and arranged by Chomat and Matt Amper. The album is available on most digital outlets. Click here to listen and purchase through Amazon.

Luis Bofill – Arsenio Essential

Cuban Luis Bofill, now a resident of Miami, Florida, presents his fifth production – Arsenio Essential. The album is a tribute to the great Cuban composer Arsenio Rodriguez, who was born in Cuba in 1911 and died in Los Angeles, CA, in 1970. Of Rodriguez’s many compositions (over 200), Bofill picked nine titles, with a tenth track, a medley, that fuses five of the Ciego Maravilloso’s best hits. Arsenio Essential had an official release over Memorial Day weekend in Miami, and it is now available on most digital outlets. This is excellent music, well worth your listening and with multiple tracks that are bound to be favorites on the dance floor. Click here to listen and purchase Arsenio Essential on Amazon.

Ruben Paz y Cheverefusion – “Welcome to Marsella”

“Welcome to Marsella” is Cuban Ruben Paz’s tribute to the beautiful coastal city in France that has become his home. It is the first cut out of the upcoming album titled Salsa Para Todos, expected before the end of 2017. This is an energetic song in which you’ll hear English, Spanish, and French lyrics (in the voice of Paz’s girlfriend Isabel), plus a bit of rap. It should be non-stop fun on the dance floor! The song is available on iTunes and Spotify, and you can hear it also on YouTube.


The Echo Park Project Big Band – “Two Bass Hit”

A Los Angeles based band, this is a debut single for The Echo Park Project Big Band. “Two Bass Hit” is performed in the tradition of the Latin Jazz Big Band genre and it is a tribute to Dizzy Gillespie. The song was produced by Carlo Lopez and arranged by Joe Mannozzi. It belongs to a larger body of work that is currently in production. Click here to listen and purchase on CDBaby.


Vakero – “Mi Sepelio”

We will call Vakero’s “Mi Sepelio” (My Funeral) an Urban Merengue. This is a funny song, composed by Enrique Feliz, in which the singer gets to watch his own funeral and the not-so-loving things happening during it – his kids look desperately for his life insurance policy, his wife is anxious to start her new single life, and his friends gossip non-stop before he’s even in the ground. The video, filmed in Vakero’s birth town of San Pedro de Macoris in the Dominican Republic, shows the local funeral rituals and the area’s colorful people. Click here to enjoy it.


Gloria Trevi and Alejandra Guzman – “Cuando Un Hombre Te Enamora”

These ladies barely need an introduction. Individually, they have developed huge careers and bodies of work. But their collaboration is new, not only in “Cuando Un Hombre Te Enamora” (When A Man Makes You Fall in Love), but also in their upcoming VERSUS tour, which will take them to various cities around the US and Mexico. This song is about the heartbreak of two women who have fallen in love with the same man. The video includes the participation of Rafael Amaya, who is the principal actor in the Spanish TV series El Señor De Los Cielos. Click here to see the video, and click here to learn about dates and tickets for VERSUS, happening June through October, 2017.


Ozomatli – Non-Stop: Mexico to Jamaica

Los Angeles based Ozomatli just released an album of classic and contemporary Mexican music reinvented in the reggae style. The album was produced by reggae legends Sly & Robbie and includes the collaboration of Juanes, Slightly Stoopid, Regulo Caro, Gabby Moreno, Chali 2na, G. Love and Herb Alpert. The songs in the album were composed by Mexican greats like Selena, Juan Gabriel, Julieta Venegas, Los Tigres del Norte, and Café Tacuba. It is also the first Ozomatli album with a majority of Spanish language songs – out of 14 tunes, only 3 have English lyrics. Click here to listen and purchase the album on Amazon.


Juan Esteban – “Eres Mia”

Juan Esteban, whom the famous Don Francisco would once call “Mr. Voz” (Mr. Voice), has come back from a one-year hiatus with the song “Eres Mia” (You Are Mine), which he is delivering in collaboration with popular Cuban Urban artist Damian The Lion. This is Juan Esteban’s first Urban song. Prior to this he recorded Salsa and was even involved professionally with opera. “I sing what I feel in my heart,” he said, even when that means tackling a new genre. This is a link to the song’s video lyric.

Vikina – “Sola”

Vikina is the 25-year old Cuban and Venezuelan singer that in 2016 won first place in the iHeartRadio “Tu Estrella” contest. She just released “Sola” (Alone), a song intended to be an anthem for independent single women. “I don’t need anyone to take me out… I report to myself… I’m better off by myself” goes the song, while the video shows a Vikina in excellent shape undulating to the beat.”Sola” features Cuban rapper El Taiger. It’s catchy. Check out the video here.


Summer parties are on their way and you want to have the best music out there. We hope to have helped you “beef up” those playlists with this month’s releases. We’ll be back soon with more fresh tunes!

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