New Tropical Music Releases – September 2017

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Hello everyone! This month has been exquisite for the discovery of new dance able tropical music, especially since the Latin Grammy nominations were announced just last week. Below you will find brand new releases and well as some of the Latin Grammy nominations that we hadn’t highlighted on our previous lists. These songs should certainly enrich your music playlists, and we trust that your knowing about them will make the Latin Grammy winners’ announcement (on Nov. 6, 2017) that much more exciting. Enjoy!

New Salsa releases

Jerry Rivera – “Me Hace Daño Amarte”

Jerry Rivera’s newest song – “Me Hace Daño Amarte” [Loving You Is Bad for Me] – tells of a person that is deeply loved, but that is also a big source of suffering. We really like this tune and predict that it’s going to be popular on the dance floor. You must take the time to see its video, which was recorded in Cuba, in black and white, and with lots of twirling dancers – really a good one!

Powl Ameerali – SO!

From Surinam, Powl Ameerali presents the album SO! Some of its songs were recorded in collaboration with the group Masalsa from Holland. The song “Rosa” was penned by Ameerali and arranged by Soeshiel Sharma and Oscar Hernandez (of Spanish Harlem Orchestra). This is a danceable CD that has some interesting fusions, like “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai,” which talks about dancing Salsa in India. “Tamara” is a merengue, and “Oye Mi Mama” is a cha-cha. While some of the songs’ lyrics are in Spanish, others are in a much more exotic language. Check it out here and see what you think.

Ruben Blades and Roberto Delgado and Orchestra – SALSA BIG BAND

This album was released in April 2017, but we hadn’t talked about it and it was just nominated to this year’s Latin Grammy in both the Album of the Year and Best Salsa Album categories. It comes as no surprise as almost everything that Blades touches is gold, and SALSA BIG BAND is no exception. Salsa, boleros, cha-chas, you can find them all in this one, and sounding rich in the big band format. We dare you to stay still while listening to this arrangement of “Como un Huracan.” Check it out and purchase it on


This album was released in May, 2017, and it was just nominated to this year’s Latin Grammy in the Best Salsa Album category. Give it a listen here, and you’ll find out that the compilation is one danceable song after another (some that you’ll certainly recognize). We think it a must for any Salsa party.

Juan Pablo Diaz – FACE DOS

Puerto Rican Juan Pablo Diaz is also nominated to this year’s Latin Grammy in the Best Album category for his work FACE DOS, which is full of fantastic songs. We can’t get enough of “Canten” [Sing], the track that opens the album. There’s also quite delicate music in this album, classical-like songs that deserve your attention. We recommend “Preludio,” and “Requiem para Lita.” Listen and purchase on

Albita – ALBITA

This album was nominated to this year’s Latin Grammy in the Best Traditional Tropical Album category. Albita Rodriguez’ voice is unmistakable. Her strong tone is a delight in “Homenaje a Benny More,” in which she features Barbarito Torres. Other well-known singers, like Ednita Nazario, Ana Gabriel, Alexandre Pires, and Rafael “Pollo” Brito, are part of this work. Additionally, listen to the fabulous boleros in this album, including one in English, entitled “LOVE.” Enjoy and purchase on


Johnny Mejia, “El Sonero de Brooklyn,” with his band Orquesta Curare, presents three new songs that are available on – “Abuelo,” a song dedicated to Mejia’s grandpa, “Amada Ven,” and “Arrepentida,” which are pretty much love songs. This song trio has a similar beat that we think will be nice on the dance floor. They’re part of a larger album that hopefully we’ll get to hear in its entirety soon. You can listen and buy the tracks here.


Have you ever danced to a symphonic orchestra? Well, here’s your chance. Guaco teamed up with the Orquesta Sinfonica Simon Bolivar (Venezuela) and the famous conductor Gustavo Dudamel to create this album that is out of this world. While not all tracks are meant for the dance floor, we promise you that every one of them is perfect for your ears. This fabulous work is nominated for this year’s Latin Grammy in the Best Contemporary Tropical Album category. Listen and purchase on

DJ Lukas El Taz – “Salsa in Crescendo”

DJs these days are doing impressive mixes on their computers. DJ Lucas El Taz presents “Salsa in Crescendo,” a mixture of world music and Afro-Cuban sounds that dancers should enjoy testing on the dance floor. You can listen and purchase it on

New Bachata release

Daniel Santacruz – “Desnudos”

“Desnudos” [Naked] is Daniel Santacruz’s latest bachata proposition. In the picture above you see professional dancers Daniel and Desiree, with whom Santacruz has collaborated in previous occasions. This is a video of the couple performing to “Desnudos.”

New Cumbia release

Karval – “Vivo Sabroso”

Colombian singer Karval has released a new song in the genre that he calls “Cumbia Style.” “Vivo Sabroso” [I Live Deliciously] is a catchy and happy tune in which he talks about living well, keeping his faith, and deriving pleasure from his work. The video is colorful and it was taped in Medellin, Colombia. See it here.

New Vallenato release

Silvestre Dangond – “Casate Conmigo”

Silvestre Dangong features Nicky Jam in his latest song “Casate Conmigo” [Marry Me]. This is a vallenato with a tinge of Urban in which both singers prepare to propose marriage to their respective girlfriends. One of the ladies is played by Clarissa Molina, an Univision personality who also won the Nuestra Belleza Latina VIP 2016 contest. We love this fusion of rhythms! Check it out here.

New Latin Jazz releases

Hilario Duran – CONTUMBAO

What a wonderful album this one is! It’s Latin Jazz basically ready for the dance floor. As proof give a listen to “Rumba de Cajon.” There’s also the wonderful “Duo Influenciado,” which features Cuban pianist Chucho Valdez and creates a duo on piano with Duran that deserves your attention. Duran is from Cuba via Canada, and this work is special to him because it was mostly recorded in his native island. You can listen and purchase on

New Reggaeton release

Leslie Grace and Becky G – “Diganle”

This is a fun song with a great Urban beat by Leslie Grace and Becky G. In “Diganle” [Tell Him] the ladies send a message to a man: he’s not needed anymore. The video is colorful, with the collaboration of a face that JLo made famous – Casper Smart’s. Check out the video here.

We thoroughly enjoyed these selections and hope that you will take the time to listen and pick your favorites. In fact, remember that you’ll have Halloween parties to DJ for! If you want to see a full list of this year’s Latin Grammy nominations, check it out here. We will be back at the end of October with more new music!

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