Roundtable Discussion on Salsa Congresses

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This podcast is all about the wonderful world of salsa congresses.  Fellow salsa dancers Frank Condori and Cory Gray join me to discuss the social aspects of congresses like meeting other salseros from around the world and how to dance with the pros. We also talk about the practical issues like food during congress and how to take care of yourself with proper sleep so you don’t die by the end of the weekend.

Like with any conversation about congresses, we talk about our favorite congresses and our experiences there. There are plenty of rabbit holes we go down, including:

Why Frank should wear a dress while dancing
Why Cory should shave her head
Why Rob only remembers what women wear if they are missing a shoe
And much, much more!

The episode has a ton of useful information on dancing etiquette and practical knowledge that any congress attendee should know.

We also referenced several links and sites in the podcast:

Zero Impact meal replacement bars
New York Salsa Congress
San Francisco Salsa Congress

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