SDC Podcast #33: “You have to treat it like a second marriage” Will & Constanza Orrock 2

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How do you pick the right dance partner?

Picking the right dance partner is crucial to a successful dancing career. There’s so much more to consider besides dance skills. Partners spend a lot of hours practicing, teaching, competing and traveling together.
So how do we pick the right one for us?
On this podcast, Will and Contanza Orrock talk about some of the qualities to look for when choosing the right person.

  • What’s more important? Reliability or dance skills?
  • How long do we have to train before competing?
  • How do we resolve conflict?
  • Tips on advertising as a couple
  • When do know it’s time to quit and go separate ways?


Will Orrock is a US born professional dancer from Chile. He’s been dancing for more than twenty years, and has competed and performed with many dance partners. He teaches and dances with his wife and dance partner, Constanza in the South Bay Area, California.

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