SHINE – New York Salsa Music/Dance Drama Feature Film

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Anthony Nardolillo is a man on a mission.  He is an actor, director….and fellow salsero!

Anthony NardolilloHe has produced a variety of latin dance related projects including the critically acclaimed short film, Mano.  Nardolillo’s latest project is a full length feature film entitled Shine. The story will be about two brothers, once renowned NYC Salsa dancers, who are reunited years after the death of their father, on opposing ends of gentrification.

The movie opened in theaters nationwide on October 5th, 2018.

Use this handy tool to find a theater near you that is showing SHINE! 

Check out the preview clip for Shine below! (UPDATE: Trailer current as of August 30th, 2018)


Please see Anthony’s message below in how you can support the film!

Just want to ask if I can get your support on what hopefully will be next year’s secret film success. We are now on our way to being the highest funded Latino film ever on Kickstarter. I really need you if possible to support me on this even if only a few dollars. We only get this if we reach our goal. I’ve been at this 9 years and this final push will get this movie made. I know you have other priorities but if you could just take two minutes and pledge, we only receive the money if we reach our goal

Visit the Kickstarter link below to pledge and support one of our fellow dancers!


Anthony and his team were successfully able to raise the money necessary to obtain the $100,000 to help finance the team. Congrats to Anthony and the greater salsa community for helping get this done! We’re looking forward to the upcoming film!


Anthony Nardolillo Shine Kickstarter


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