Social Dance City Guides

The following are helpful guides that provide news, events, pics, and other relevant information regarding the social dance communities in their respective cities or metro areas.  We’ve reviewed these sites/groups and feel they are useful. We prefer sites/groups that are run dancers who aren’t affiliated with any dance organization(s) to ensure all events, classes, etc are included in their coverage.  If you know of a site/group that isn’t listed please let us know and we will consider it for the list! Thanks!

Swaziland: Swaziland Social Dance Movement

Perth, Western Australia: Perth Ballroom Dancing Scene
Sydney, NSW Australia: Sydney Salsa Scene

Edmonton, Alberta: Edmonton Salsa Events
Hamilton, Ontario: Hamilton City Salsa

Medellin, Colombia: Medellin Salsa Events

Quito, Ecuador: Republica De La Conga

London, England: London Salsa Events
London, England: London Salsa UK

Bangalore, Chennai, Chandigarh, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai: Salsa Nights India

Christchurch: Latin Dance Scene Christchurch

Cincinnati, Ohio: Cincinnati Salsa Events (Includes Northern Kentucky area)
Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York Metro, San Francisco Bay Area, Washington DC/Baltimore (DMV) : GO Latin Dance
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh Ballroom Events Guide
Portland, Oregon: Portland Salsa Guide
Los Angeles, California: Vida Salsera
San Antonio, Texas: San Antonio Latin Dance Experience


Cuban Dance Resources – Groups, Clubs, and Social Events resources.  Provided by Chae Reid (CEO & Dance Instructor, Moving Rhythms LLC)

Queer Partner Dance Resources – Social dance resources that cater primarily to the LGBTQIA+ community. – The World Swing Dance Council is a service organization designed to further communication and they have maintain a comprehensive list of festivals/competitions for the Swing Dance Community.