Social Dance Life #5: My Safe Place…

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The following Social Dance Life was sent to by a dancer named Sara.  She reflects on the how the recent events in Orlando have made her appreciate her latin dance community even more.

“Dear Diary,

It was a heavy week for most of us, and tonight was my first night out at *my* little sanctuary since the Orlando mass shooting. My safe place, where I mix play, meditation, joy, passion, movement, and social interaction… my safe place is my salsa club. It’s where I am free to put down the worries of the week and settle into my SELF. It’s where I express a side of me that I tuck neatly aside the rest of the week. It’s where I meet my familiars – my salsa family. And we all come to enjoy one of the purest expressions of life: Dance!

I multiply the feeling I have for MY safe place by 1,000,000, and I imagine that is what Pulse felt like for so many of those precious humans.

With a complex intersection of feelings all week, tonight in particular, my heavy heart was lightened by the newly corrected lenses on my face – lenses corrected by the terrifying thought that what you love and take for granted could disappear in a minute. Tonight I felt like I *saw* what an incredible thing we have in the salsa community, and I appreciate the s–t out of it.”

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