The Dance Festival of LOVE: LA Bachata Festival

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For seven years now, on Valentine’s day weekend The City of Angels is host to the Bachata Dance Festival for lovers. An event organized by Jorge Contreras and Leslie Ferreira.

Learning from the best dance instructors, chilling’ poolside during the day and partying like rockstars at night, beautiful dressed-up people fill-up the dance floors with passion and energy. Single, taken or anything in between, come as you are, LOVE is in the air…

LDC Love

The Los Angeles Bachata Festival

Arrive early and join the Thursday Pre-Party, complete with a Bachata or Kizomba lesson. Followed by 4 hours of social dancing in three different rooms. Take advantage of the 3-day weekend, jump on the tour bus of the city that will take us to see the town’s most popular landmarks on Monday, and end the day dancing by the beach as you watch the sunset. The L.A. Bachata Festival is packed with a lot of fun activities, in addition to great dance workshops, performances and of course social dancing. Here are some of its best features. After all, we’re in L.A., might as well have a little fun…

LDC Social dance

Get you dance fix at the LA Bachata Festival. Three ballrooms with bachata, salsa and kizomba and plenty of leads and follows to dance until 5:00 AM.


Welcome to the party! For those arriving by plane, the festival is just 5 minutes from the airport. Grab your bags and jump on the free shuttle that will take you to the Westin LAX. This hotel is big… very big. A refined, upscale location with a lot of open space, which is great to have when the hundreds of dancers start filling up the dance floors at night. Even with 13’000 square feet the bachata room feels pretty packed, but one can find room to dance even in crowded spaces. Clean and comfortable rooms are a plus when you need to get plenty of rest to hang out with this motley crew.LDC The Westin


There are workshops for everybody, from beginner to advanced dancers. Pick any discipline… salsa, bachata or kizomba, even if you are an expert dancer, I’m sure you will walk out with a few pointers. At the L.A. Bachata Festival the dance instructors know their craft, and are full of useful information, ideas, and examples to help your technique. Dance students are encouraged to participate, ask many questions and learn by doing. These people have taught workshops all over the world, they’ve come prepared and organized. Buy a VIP pass and take a master workshop with ATACA and la Alemana, Desiree or the talented Troy and Jorjet.

LDC Carlos Cinta

Carlos Cinta “Conection and Technique” Bachata Workshop. Great dancers know the importance of mastering the fundamental steps.

LDC Mike Zuniga

Mike Zuniga and Bianca showing us challenging patterns and combinations to enhance our technique.

LDC la bachata festival workshop gopro cam



Stop by the FREE photo booth and take home a souvenir from the festival. They have an array of funny props to act silly if you want to. Get a group picture, grab your significant other or just take one by yourself.  Make a memory and take it home with you, this is the organizer’s way of thanking you for coming to the festival.


LDC daily-grill-austin-beef-dipFood is not hard to come by while at the festival. There are three fast food places, a convenience store, a Denny’s, and even a Thai restaurant with very reasonable lunch and dinner specials, all within walking distance. Inside the hotel there’s a little coffee shop called ‘Cafe Blvd.’ where one can find pastries, muffins and other quickbites. And for those who need more substantial food, I recommend to stop by “The Daily Grill”LDC Daily Grill Salad, also located inside the hotel and offering a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. At lunch they offer specials which include sandwiches, soup and salads. For dinner, one can choose a delicious hamburger, fresh salads or a juice steak. The best deal, however, is their Valentine’s day fixed price dinner menu. Priced at $49 per person, it includes a gourmet appetizer, salad, a delicious entree, a tasty dessert.


Who knows if it’s always sunny in Philadelphia? It sure is always sunny in Los Angeles. Take an after-lunch break, swing by the pool and relax. And if you feel the need to get even more dancing, go right ahead. There’s a DJ ready to play good salsa, bachata and kizomba. Pool parties are a staple of the LA Bachata Festival. Even during the winter months, when the majority of the country is cold, rainy or covered with snow, beautiful Southern California is warm and cozy.LDC LA Bachata Pool

LDC Dance TroupNo festival is complete without dance performances from local and international dancers. A chance to see a show by both world class professionals and aspiring dancers.


TacosHungry after dancing and partying all night? Not a problem. A truck with tasty Mexican food is available outside, conveniently parked next to the ballroom. Pick your favorite Mexican dish, from tacos to burritos, tortas, tostadas and other things. 


The fact that this festival takes place during Valentine’s day weekend, makes it the prefect place for dancing couples to spend some quality time together. However, I would encourage everybody to attend, regardless of their relationship status. The festival has a lot of nice features besides the basic ones that every festival offers. They also have a lot of fun activities which are even fun to just watch. Not to mention that L.A. itself has a lot to offer to anyone who wishes to explore the city a little.

LDC Santa Rosa Desiree's Ladies World Team Project

Desiree’s Ladies World Team Project (San Francisco)

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