The Different Kind Of Followers…

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A few years ago I went on a journey finding out exactly what makes the greatest leaders and followers. While I was carrying out this research, I inadvertently discovered that you can inadvertently categorise the different types of leaders and followers on the dance scene. As the saying goes, you are just as unique as everyone else.

So today I am going to share with you the 5 different types of Followers and next month, I will post one for the boys on the different types of Leaders.

Before going on, I would just like to clarify – The different kind of followers listed below is based on similarities I noticed when interviewing Men on the dance scene.  These categories are not ‘boxes’ that people are born into and they also have nothing to do with a persons dance level. As a matter of fact, it usually boils down to technique or the lack thereof. So if anything, think of these as do’s and dont’s of following and remember that following is a skill; as a result it can be taught, it can be learned and it can be fixed. Now here we go…..

The 5 different kind of followers:

man-and-woman-arm-wrestlingThe Reactor – This is the type of follower that does not really follow. What she does is maintain an extremely tight frame that enables her to react to the man rather than follows his lead. Reactors therefore require a REALLY strong lead because they are basically being carried around the dance floor. Dancing with reactors feels like you are in a wrestling match. (It Really does ladies…)

The Predictor – This one is a really tricky one to spot. They could appear to be ‘naturals’ or even ‘Dancers’ (described below), the only real way to spot them is:Guess Dance

  • A) They will occasionally finish off a move before the leader actually executes it.
  • B) If the leader does a move that they are unable to predict, they will stop the leader from executing it instead of just following his lead.

interpretive-dance-cat-graphicThe Maverick – These are the followers who do whatever they want to on the dance floor. They do not follow the leader and usually have a crazy amount of styling. The problem with Mavericks is that dance at the mercy of her styling and its impossible to lead. Not a pleasant experience for any leader.


The Natural – This is the lady who on the dance floor interprets what the leader wants down to a tee. She waits for the lead to indicate what the man wants her to do and then she executes it. She is light on her feet and usually an absolute pleasure to dance with. These are the kind of followers who go from beginner to advanced after a few weeks or months of dancing because they can truly follow almost anything. However, naturals are only as good as the leader she dances with and if you break out into a shine, she will stand there like a deer in the headlights.

Salsa smilingThe Dancer – This is the ultimate follower. Think of the natural on steroids. When she dances, she connects; she engages the man she is dancing with, she has fun and plays off the music, she is capable of both following and being independent. So if the leader does ever leave her alone to her own devices, she will shine bright as the sun.


What do you think of these categories? Do you think there are any I have left out? Feel free to comment and tell me what you think.

Next month, we break down the Leaders….


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