Things Your Dance Instructor Wished You Knew

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Dance instructors can spend up to 10 hours a day in the studio.

They see and notice a lot of things that we don’t, because most of us spend only one or two hours per week in a dance studio.

When it comes to dancing, it’s not about the destination…. it’s about the journey. Why? Because people take dance lessons for many reasons. We all may be in the same room together, but in the end we have different goals. Dance instructors know this…

Perhaps we get intimidated by more advanced dancers, or someone who’s taller, or younger, or in better shape. But regardless of our own insecurities, we are ok and we are going to be ok. Dance instructors know this…. they’ve seen it before and they’ve seen previous dancers succeed.

Most importantly, instructors want us to participate in class and give feedback. Find out how we can motivate our dance instructors to enhance our learning experience, along with more secrets and other things your teacher wishes you knew. Roberto talks to Brian B. from West Coast Swing Online, who’s  been teaching for over 20 years and has seen and taught all kinds of students.

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  • Jonathan Llewellyn says:

    Great session, and I enjoyed the Q&A! A great tip to prevent sweat is to choose clothing that allows moisture to easily evaporate from your skin into the air. There are some great brands that offer a variety of styles that engineer their clothes specifically for this.
    Keep up the great work!

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