About Us

Philipp is a social dancer at heart. As a Salsero and Bachatero, he traveled to many different places in the world and enjoyed connecting with locals and other travelers in the local social dance community. 

His favorite places to dance salsa are Cali, Frankfurt, Mainz, Bangkok, Shanghai, and Ulaanbaatar, but he was surprised by Baku, Kota Kinabalu, Omaha, and many other places that have thriving, friendly social dance scenes. 

Philipp likes to connect with DJs, dancers, and artists. He advocates for beginner-friendly communities that keep the scene growing and alive. He was instrumental to bring salsa to Mongolia and helped restart the salsa community in Kuching, Malaysia.

Philipp believes that dance can bring people together and both want to share their passion for dancing with others and create an integrative community around this topic so people can connect wherever they are in the world. That’s what this website is all about!