Social Dancing at Frankfurt Museumsuferfest

The social dance scene culminates in summer at a range of brilliant events in the Rhein-Main area. Many of these events take place in outdoor locations, are free, and attract large crowds from the region as well as artists from all over the world. 

Introducing: The Museumsuferfest in Frankfurt

The Museumsuferfest, held annually in Frankfurt, celebrates the rich tapestry of arts, culture, and heritage. Nestled along the River Main, this event is a highpoint in the city’s calendar, drawing visitors worldwide. Often it takes place at the end of August. In 2023, the main events took place on the weekend of 25th to 27th of August in Frankfurt.

Originating from Frankfurt’s commitment to art and history, the Museumsuferfest illuminates the city’s iconic riverside museums. As the years have passed, its scale and significance have expanded remarkably. Set against the backdrop of the River Main, the festival presents a variety of exhibits, blending traditional showcases with contemporary performances. Beyond its visual allure, Museumsuferfest also invites attendees on a culinary voyage, with food stalls scattered throughout offering both classic German specialties and international delights.

Dancing and Latin Music at the Museumsuferfest

Dancing and music is usually an integral part to the festival of museums in Frankfurt. Most of the dancing then takes place outside or in tents along the Main river on both the Northern and Southern shore near the Eiserner Steg bridge. 

Latin music and social dancing usually takes central stage as it did in 2023. On Friday, there was El Mulato de Cuba on the Sontaino stage from 15.00 to 17.00.

At 19.00 Santiago Schmitz El Galan plays mostly Dominican songs with a good portion of tropical merengue.

On Saturday, there is another band joining: La Perla Del Karibe play before the other two. Sunday is the same three entertainers and bands on the Sontaino stage which is on the southern Sachsenhausen side of the stage. 

On the northern side, 200 meters from the Santaino stage is the Latino stage with latin music parties each evening from 18.00 to midnight during the three days of the Museumsuferfest. Here is the main area for social dancing. 

There are however in total about 20 different locations and many of these have occasional latin music and dance. 

How to get there

Navigating your way to the Museumsuferfest in Frankfurt can be a seamless experience thanks to the city’s robust public transportation system. Primarily, the S8 train line proves to be the most straightforward option for those traveling from nearby areas. This line not only connects Frankfurt to Mainz but also extends to Wiesbaden, ensuring that attendees from these regions have a direct route to the festivities. 

Moreover, for those venturing from Darmstadt there are several RegionalExpress and RegionalBahn per hour. Within Frankfurt, it is even easier to use the Metro. Parking spaces can be few and far and a bit expensive but will also be available especially nearer the city center as these are usually occupied by office workers during the week. 

The area surrounding the Museumsuferfest can be quite packed as thousands join the activities. 

Explore other dance socials in the region

Besides, summer is a perfect time to connect with all the other open air dance socials in the area. In Frankfurt’s east, many dancers met along the Main river on Sundays. In Mainz-Kastel there is open air dancing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night as long as the weather is good as well as in Mainz on the left bank of the Rhine river at the Mainzstrand on Thursdays during the summer as long as the weather permits. 

Author: Philipp