Going to events

What are best events to go to as beginner, intermediate or advanced dancer?

Going to socials

Attending social dance events is an essential part of learning to dance. It’s where you put the skills learned in the dance studio into practice. But remember, socials are for dancing, not teaching. If your partner is struggling with a step, encourage them through the dance rather than giving a mini-lesson on the dance floor.

At socials, you develop your listening skills by dancing to different types of music, which greatly improves your musicality. Moreover, they offer a fun, motivational environment that enhances the joy of dancing. The energy of a social dance event can invigorate your passion for dance and spur your progress.

Social dancing at a salsa congress

Socials also help you connect with other learners, creating a supportive community where you can share experiences and challenges. Observing others dance is a valuable learning tool, allowing you to pick up new moves, styles, and techniques.

In essence, socials offer a holistic learning experience that contributes significantly to your growth as a dancer.

Going to festivals

Attending dance festivals can significantly enrich your dancing experience and skills. One of the primary advantages is the opportunity to dance with a multitude of different people. This exposes you to diverse dance styles, techniques, and interpretations, enhancing your adaptability on the dance floor and expanding your understanding of the dance form.

Furthermore, festivals often feature special workshops conducted by renowned instructors. These workshops provide unique learning opportunities that might not be available in your local community. By attending these workshops, you can learn from and interact directly with professionals, gaining insights into their knowledge and experience.

Additionally, the vibrant and inspiring atmosphere at festivals can spark your passion and motivation to become a better dancer. It’s also an ideal setting to network with other dance enthusiasts, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

For a curated list of some of the best social dance events worldwide, check out this overview of events on socialdancecommunity.com. It’s a valuable resource for finding the right festival that matches your interests and goals in salsa dancing. By immersing yourself in these festival experiences, you’re bound to see a substantial improvement in your dancing.

Setup your own mini social 

Organizing your own mini social dance with friends can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor. Here’s how you could go about it:

  1. Music Equipment: Start by investing in a quality portable speaker. A good option is the JBL Flip 5,.
  2. Location: Next, choose a space. Outdoors, a local park or a spacious backyard can serve as perfect dancing grounds. If you prefer an indoor setting, consider a community center, a friend’s spacious living room, or a rented dance studio. Always remember to respect public spaces and private property rules.
  3. Playlist: Make sure you have a great playlist ready on your phone. Use music streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music, where you can curate and save your favorite salsa tunes. Remember to include a variety of songs to cater to different skill levels and preferences.

Ultimately, a mini social dance is all about having fun and practicing your dancing skills in a comfortable, casual setting. So, gather your friends, let the music play, and enjoy the dance!

Author: Philipp